Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I want to turn our little white cat into a UNICORN!

Well... not literally.  =)  But last night while laying in bed and looking at her perched on the 7ft cat tower in the corner of the bedroom, the thought came to mind.  For some reason, I thought she would look ever so cute with a little horn on her head.  Now Josh's first comment was something on the lines of "Oh, no... that would be terribly painful." as he probably thought I wanted to fuse a horn to her skull before seeing it as a joke (Being the science type, I'm often quite literal).  Of course, I explained that I wanted to make her a little unicorn helmet or headband much like the little elf one we got at Christmas.  Even make a horn out of fimo or just a cloth one and attach that to a band with little kitty ear holes.  Mind you, in the past I did sew the cutest little jester costume for squeakers.  It had the Jester hat, the neck ruffle and two little paw ruffles.  And of course he make the strange kitty kicking feet for the paw ruffles but it was quite adorable.  So eventually...  Alice shall become a Unicorn!

But for now....  

For your viewing pleasures....

Past costumes...

Boos of the Seven Vails....

Not so much a costume but Squeakers hiding in the curtains

Alice as an elf not holding still

Pissed Alice

Being dressed up

Boo's Babushka

Here comes the Easter Bunny

She didn't hold still for her close up

Boos trying on the cape... mind you he's twice her size and I swore this wouldn't fit.

More pissed off Easter bunny

Yes he looks like he's going to rip my throat open in the middle of the night for doing this but moments later he was giving me his kitty kisses on my arm aka bathing me.

And for good measure... little alice snuggled up between the pillows on top of a blanket!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fimo Virgin

Last weekend while shopping for wedding invitation related items at Pat Catan's, Josh found some fimo. As we are still in the process of trying to make back the money we had to take from the wedding fund to pay for Scout's emergency vet bill, he decided he wanted to make some fimo pieces. Mind you I have never played with fimo before but after watching him friday night, I decided to take a whirl. I wanted to make butterflies in the colors of the great Monarch Butterflies... This is what I ended up with! I might just make a few more pieces tonight to start selling. With those, the recipe cards and all the extra paintings I have around the house, I ought to make a little on etsy. =)

A little brown flower

Large flower made of butterfly wings

Close up of large flower

My butterflies

Monday, February 15, 2010

A new beginning

After decommissioning this blog a couple year back, I've decided to start it a new. I rather enjoyed blogging but it had turned into a place to rant rather than a place to share ideas. In this blog's new life, I think I will rant about artistic endeavors and things of the less stressing nature as the large bird of prey we saw on the back fence this morning. 

It was quite content ripping apart what I think was a pigeon. This is the second time in two days that it has visited our backyard and it has the most beautiful coloring. We think it might be one of the local falcons but have to do some internet searching to be sure.
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