Sunday, August 5, 2012

Can you be their new forever home?

****** 01/18/2013
After a friend mentioned seeing one of my kitty flyers still in the student lounge at school, I realized I need to update.  And this will be the last.  Misty is still with us.  And doing well.  She's not wanting to interact with our cats but loosing weight or at least chubb on her special diet.  When her owner does find her way to be stable (Job, home, etc), she will be flying back to her and her daughter.  While we did invest $1K into lil miss kitty, we can't keep her.  She's not ours and while sweet to us, the plan to not keep her and separating her from them in the beginning has led to her hating our cats.  They're interested in her but all she does is hiss and growl at them when they are anywhere within 3 feet of her so she is living separate from them as we can't have a cat fight on our hands.  At any rate, she is happy in her little roost until she goes back to her family.  

As for Lola, she was adopted but I haven't heard anything about how she has adjusted.  I'll email but I'm assuming as I haven't heard anything that she is doing well.  Let's hope.  =)

****11/28/12  Sorry... it's been quite hectic between getting two cats better and dealing with a death in the family.  I should have updated but was so behind on everything as life keeps mixing it up.  

So Misty got her surgery.  All 5 teeth came out perfectly and she had no complications.  That was around 2 weeks ago(maybe more?  The original vet couldn't do the surgery but Dr. Mulliken at the Big Easy got in the tools to do it there and help keep the costs down.  I absolutely love TBEAH, Dr. Ruiz and her staff along with Dr. Mulliken who I think is a permanent addition to the team).  Post surgery she was so drugged up and cute...  kept trying to walk when her legs were slipping out from under her.  Made me think of many a drunk co-ed I've seen stumbling along E.Carson st who really needed to sit the last bar out but just couldn't stop partying.  At any rate, she's doing well and eating hard food again so her lil mouth seems to be healing nicely.  She's still a hissy kitty towards our other cats but that's our fault as we kept her separated while she was sick to keep them from picking on her.  That's now got her protecting the 3rd floor against them.  But a little kitty calming spray and good stimuli like treats before meetings should help.  Plus with any luck, her original owner will find employment and Misty could be reunited for Christmas.  Otherwise we'll feed her the weight loss food and work on trimming the old girl down until she can be back with them.  Both her and my boos are a 9 on the kitty obese scale.  =(  

As for Lola...  I've been in contact with a woman from the shelter who posted better pictures of her.  (Her original photo just looked so sad with her hiding in her litter pan.)  I was given updates on Lola and how she was acting in the cat garage.  She seemed to be ok.  Not super friendly or happy with the cage but if given a lap, she was a happy little ball of purr.  And guess what...  She's been adopted!  Yesterday!  =)  Fingers crossed Lola plays nice with her new 7yr old sibling and stays in her new forever home!

That's all for now.  I'll update again if anything changes 

****10/30/12  Kitty update:  As far as I know, Lola still has yet to be adopted.  I have checked the page every other day and still see her up there.  But as she is in the main adoption area for cats now (I think it's the separate building that is just cats) I think she won't be as freaked out without Misty since she will no longer have barking dogs around her.

As for Misty, we took her to our vet last night for an exam of her mouth.  The vet found 5 teeth that need pulled.  One has a really bad abscess and the other 4 have cavities near gum level where the gum is starting to grow into the tooth.  All and all it has to be really painful for her, which explains why she was grumbling after eating hard food or while trying to eat wet food with chunks.  We're feeding her only pureed food now.  Our vet gave her a convenience antibiotic shot that will last two weeks so it's one less thing I had to shove in her mouth and they also gave us liquid pain meds to put in her mouth twice a day.  While the antibiotics and pain meds start to help her feel better, the vet is scheduling with the traveling dental vet who will come in to extract Misty's teeth.  We were given the option of either having Dr. Showalter (Who I've heard from animal friends and WPHS is one of the city's best dental vets) come to the Big Easy for her or to take her to PVSEC for the best dental doc in the burgh that does xrays and beyond.  While we want her on the mend and would love the best, the best would easily be over a $1,000 and we don't have that to spend on our own cats let alone a foster cat.  Dr. S is the second to best and while he may not have the crazy x-rays, there's a good chance that he will be below 1k (Btw... If anyone wants to help us out with Misty's dental care, we won't turn anything away as we were expecting at most $400 assuming she'd have maybe one bad tooth.  But with 5, who knows.  One doc I called gave me an estimate of $100 a tooth when I was calling for cost of dental cleanings).  Plus she'll be going back to a familiar vet's office and a shorter car ride.  

Other than the bad teeth, Misty has been doing quite well.  She's been warming up to us each day and has been ever so playful.  She loves the krinkle ball from petco that we picked up for her and rolls around in her box when we give her pets.  She even gave me a head bump on Sunday morning.  She still is slow to venture far away from her box (a cardboard ABI box on it's side with a towel and fleece blanket in it) as it's her fort.  But at times she's wandered down the stairs in search of us when we weren't around as we haven't let her out into our general cat population yet and probably won't until after she's on the mend while we are still trying to find her a home.  

****10/25/12  I picked Misty up yesterday and have found a temporary solution for her.  She is getting antibiotics for her gingivitis and we are checking around to find the most affordable dental treatment.  If anyone knows of any, let me know.  If her mouth is as bad as the ARL led on, this is going to be quite costly.  And with all the other expenses we have this month (3 cats due for exams/vaccines plus I have a car inspection and at least 2 bald tires that need replaced), we are strapped for cash.  We are also checking around to get her on a wait list for a shelter that won't turn her away due to the possible chronic gingivitis and age.  The idea being that she can be foster in a home until adopted through the shelter as she doesn't do well in cages.  She goes from loving cat to defensive.  But for now, the big issue is getting her well.  Then finding her a home.  As for Lola, the ARL processed her and she is now adoptable.  Animal Details  If her status changes, I will update with that.

****10/24/12  10am:  I checked our answering machine this morning as I hadn't noticed it blinking before now (It's mounted above my line of sight on the wall.).  The ARL called Monday about Misty.  She has severe gingivitis with bleeding gums.  Because of her age and that, she can not be listed as adoptable.  I called and left a message first thing this morning saying I'd take her back and not to put her down but I don't know how long they wait after contacting.  If she is still alive, we can hold onto her temporarily but need someone willing to take care of her or adopt her.  I assume as I haven't heard about Lola that she has been vetted and is now in the shelter.  I'll update after they call me back or I call them at 11am.

****10/23/12  Here is the flyer for anyone who wants to post it around.  Click for full size printable version click here and click actions then view all sizes.  Under view all sizes, the original is 8.5 by 11 in size.  It can be downloaded or printed from there.

Misty and Lola Flyer copy

****  10/21/12  A neighbor mentioned to me that even though the kitties are in the ARL, that open door shelters utilize fosters to minimize the stress on a cat.  Less stress means they will be less likely to get sick.  If anyone is interested in serving as a foster for Misty and Lola while the shelter promotes them, information can be found here on their foster page.  The ARL will provide all medical care free of charge and food/litter when they get donations.
I've also created a flyer with rip tags to post for promoting them for adoption.  I'll figure out how to put downloadable copy on here for anyone interested in putting flyers up in their area (Vet, coffee shop, church bulletin board).

****  10/19/12 7pm  Misty and Lola were checked into the Animal Rescue League at around 4pm.  They were allowed to keep a towel along with their butterfly and penguin toys.  They weren't happy and neither was I...  It's the worst feeling having to leave a good pet at a shelter even if they aren't your own.  They are available for adoption now but may not end up on the website until next week and they may not be in the main cat area until then as well (I'm sure the ARL has screening to make sure cats that end up in the main population aren't harboring any illness).  But they can be adopted tomorrow if someone is interested in giving them a good home.  As you may not be able to find them yourself if they aren't out for view, all you need to do is ask for them using my name (Rebecca Marino).  They will be able to pull them up and find them for you.  Also I have their carriers, bowls, litterbox and food storage container.  So any interested party can contact me and I can meet you when you go to get them with their supplies if you want.  Currently the adoption is free and for Senior cats it has been free all summer.  I've been told that they don't have any plans to discontinue it either.  If they do, it is only $30 per cat and I will come out and pay for it.  Please continue to spread the word for them to find a good home.  They are oh so sweet and don't need to be in a shelter for the second time in their lives.

2pm Update: Taking the kitties to the ARL this afternoon after 4pm. It will give them the best chance to get exposure with Saturday's free adoptions. And hopefully lola's purring and loving attitude will help. Sadly I was told that as they are on the edge being of senior cat, that senior cats are less likely to get adopted at this time of year. And as long as they remain healthy, they won't be put down. But if they get an upper respiratory infection and they don't have the room to treat them then they put them down. Adoptions Sat are free and $30 after that. But I will pay their adoption fee if that is holding someone back from taking them. They are too sweet to end up being stuck in a shelter for so long that they get sick. frown

10/19/12  These girls are ever so sweet.  Lola is a love bug.  All purrs and rubbing.  Misty is super shy but came out this morning when I cracked a can of wet food as a treat for their troubles.  I'm currently trying to determine what will be best for them.  Their story has been spread around but still no home or foster.  We can't keep them but I hate taking them to the shelter as I swore when I started getting pets I'd never do that.  Although I never agreed to taking responsibility for them and had them thrown onto me this week.  While I think this free adoption weekend at the ARL will give them good face time with a potential new home and a lot of exposure, some friend are weary about it.  If I take them after Sat, I believe the ARL still offers free adoptions on older cats.  And at 8yrs old, that's them.  If they are adopted directly through me, I'll contact the ARL to see what kind of low cost vaccinations they can give for them.  Depending on the cost, I may even cover it as I want them placed in a forever home.  I'll update again when we determine what will happen.  Also they had a self cleaning littermaid but the foster didn't want it so the owner gave it away.  Sorry about that.  :(

****10/18/12  I picked the cats up but ARL closed before I could take them over.  They are hiding in our basement now with food, water, toys, & litterbox.  I will be taking them to the ARL sometime tomorrow.  If you wish to rescue them and give them a loving home, please call me 412*687*3058.  OR email at rsbosko[at]gmail[dot]com.  They are ever so sweet.  I was able to stick them into my carriers with no trouble and they barely meowed at all the whole ride home from Bridgeville to the city.  FYI.  The animal Rescue league is having an adoption special Saturday with free adoptions on all animals.  These little girls once there will be chipped and updated on vaccines and could be yours for free.  If you rescue them on saturday.  They are ever so loving and would do well with a family with kids.  They will also do well with other cats as they didn't hiss at mine when I first brought their carriers in.  I think they may also do ok with dogs but that lola just didn't like the foster dog.  He was a bit barky.  At least when I went in, anytime I was around he would not stop barking even after sniffing my hand.

****10/18/12   URGENT!!!! The foster who was going to take these cats to the ARL left her husband and the state yesterday. Her husband landed himself in jail and I need to go rescue the cats from the house. They NEED a home tonight or else I will have to take them to the ARL. I can not house them in my house as I'm at the city limit for animals. PLEASE help if you can. I'm out of options.

***10/15/12.  The current foster situation is falling through and they need a new home.  Doesn't matter if it's foster or a forever.  If a forever, it may be best if it's dog free.  Lola is having stress induced fur loss.  She doesn't like the current foster's dog and won't leave the bedroom.  It might just be she doesn't like him or that she doesn't like all dogs.  Dunno.  They will be taken to the ARL now by week's end or even as early as Weds (but let's hope for week's end and a forever home.)

~~~~~~8/23/12. Kitties are safe.  A foster home has been found.  =). They are willing to care for the kitties until Justine gets back on her feet.  Yay for amazing fosters! ~~~~~

***Update 8/21/12 - Possible home for Lola appears to have fallen through as the person in interest is no longer returning calls or emails to Justine.  Both still need home and have until Sat before ending up in a Shelter.***

***Update-8/17/12 - Still searching for a home for both kitties.  There was interest in Lola but not the pair.  They won't be separated until the 25th.  If anyone could foster or just provide a temporary boarding house for both, that would be wonderful.  Justine has some job prospects but won't know before she has to move before the big move.  Her lease is up but current job runs out a few weeks after.  The friend she is staying with after lease ends is highly allergic also so kitties can't come.  But if someone could at the least shelter them until she leaves Pgh for good in mid-September (hopefully on her way to a new job), then she'd love to keep her kitties.  If everything fails, then separating them in eminent and Misty will need a home.  She's a lover and will keep your feet warm in the winter as she loves sleeping at the foot of the bed.***

***Update-8/12/12 - Justine moves on the 25th so the kitties need a home by then.  This can be a forever home or a foster.  If foster, I will still work to find them a home.  I'm looking into Animal Friend's H2H this week.  But that will take time.  Please spread the word to all that you know.***

***Update-8/7/12 - I was wrong about the final destination of Justine's cross country trip.  She is driving to Las Vegas and not Milwaukee, WI.***

A friend of mine who recently graduated is facing the end of her post graduate temp position at the end of the month (End of August) when the funding runs out.  As she has yet to find something permanent with her degree and her lease ends then too, she's looking to move home with her daughter to her mom's and won't be able to take her two 8yr old cats.  It's not that she doesn't want to take them but that her mother is allergic to cats.  She had planned to take them to a no-kill shelter this weekend but I convinced her that we can find them a home.  While no-kill shelters are good, they are becoming overcrowded and can't necessarily take in these girls.  In addition to that the older the animal, the harder it is to get them adopted as everyone wants a cute young pet. So it is best to keep these little sweeties out of a shelter.

And that is why I ask, can you help us find a new forever home for Misty and Lola?

Below are specifics about the kitties from their current owner...

Thanks for trying to help.  The orange/ white is Lola and the dark gray is Misty. I believe Lola is a tailed Manx or also known as a Cabbit (cat rabbit) because she looks like she is hopping when she runs. Misty I believe is a Tabby. They were adopted from the Wisconsin humane society and are both spayed and microchipped. They are 8 yrs old and have been living together for 4 yrs. They are STRICTLY indoor cats and have not been around other animals. They are not up-to-date on vaccinations (3yrs) and that was when they were last tested for leukemia (neg). They have calm personalities and hate closed doors including the bathroom but they just stand their quietly until you come out. They are very good with a rough child. My daughter drags them around the house (literally) and they purr so loudly. They are very affectionate, especially Misty (who I also call my Cuddle Kitty). Misty will collapse like a house of cards as soon as you touch her. They will not scratch furniture as long as they have their own scratch post or box (I use a box on the floor). They are litterbox trained. Lola love to play with leafy greens (I know it is weird but I make a lot of salads). Misty like plastic (so you must be careful about small wrappings like those from bottles) and laser pointers. 

Also their current owner will be traveling across country and if you are on her route to Las Vegas, NV, she could meet up with them and all of their belongings (litterbox, food dishes, toys, etc).

So can you help?  Ask around please.  See if anyone is looking to fill a hole in their heart with loving balls of fur.  If you do know of someone or are the someone who would love these tame girls, please comment below with your contact info (Name, Email/phone, and anything else you would like to say). You can also email me at and I will get you in contact with their current owner.

Thanks in advance!

ps.  We are in Pittsburgh, PA btw.  But could transport them to surrounding states if needed.  So anyone in NY, DC, Philly, Cleveland, etc...  Also she will be traveling to Vegas so any city along the route is a possibility too.  Local is preferred but as it draws closer to the end of the month, we will be in dire need of finding them a home to keep them out of a shelter.

PPS.  Oh and for those of you who may grumble that you'd never get rid of your pets consider her circumstances. She graduated 7 months ago and has been submitting resumes/applications non-stop since then. She found a temp laboratory position 2 months back but for that 5 month period was living off her savings. She's now broke and once the funding for this position runs out, she has no job and no income. The only option is to move home to her mom's and her mom is allergic. She's asked family but none want the cats and even gave her grief when she told them that she was going to drive the cats to a no kill shelter in Ohio (the closest no-kill she could find that would take them). She's out of options and doesn't want two sweet kitties that her and her daughter love to face being put down. That's why we are reaching out via social media. They are great indoor cats, older so they won't be as annoying as young ones and they have each other so they won't be quite as needy as a single cat.
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