Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Operation Layla... ps. Bake Sale

Also...  I cooked 21 dozen pizzelles this weekend.


Of those, 9 dozen (1 doz Anise/Splenda, 5 doz Anise/Reg Sugar, & 2 doz Orange/Reg Sugar) will be auctioned off for the Operation Layla bake sale at  See tomorrow if there will be 3 batches of these cookies or if all will be auctioned as a huge batch.  One thing to note... these cookies stay fresh for a VERY long time!  Ones I made over a year ago, the hubs was eating this weekend to make room for new cookies in his tin.  He's determined they are the perfect solution for when the shit hits the fan as they contain protein (eggs), carbs (wheat flour) and Sugar.  =)

Here's the dets for the bake sale auction from the site.


Bake Sale Info

Are you as excited as we are for the #OperationLayla: Bake Sale? This Wednesday, you can feast your eyes on more than three dozen varieties of baked goods, and everyone knows that tasty treats have zero calories if it’s for a good cause, right?
So get your money ready, because tomorrow you’ll see items like Cinnamon Rum Caramel Sauce and Homemade Pancake Mix;  Turducken Cookies (chocolate chip cookies stuffed with an Oreo!), Toffee Bacon Shortbread, and mouthwatering brownies, cookies, cakes, and pretty much everything in between! There will also be vegan and gluten free goodies and several items available for international shipping (just make sure to read each post for more specific details)!
You may be asking yourself how this online bake sale will work, so here are some need-to-know facts for the big day.
First, every single cent raised from this sale will make a difference in not just Layla’s life, but possibly in so many more lives around the world. (See how the money will be used)
The bake sale will open at 8 am on Wednesday, March 16, and closes at 11 pm EST on Wednesday, March 16.
On Wednesday morning, there will be a post opening the bake sale. Each item will have a minimum bid of $15.
Each item up for bid will have its own post. To officially bid on an baked good, you must leave a comment on that particular post with at least a $1 (one dollar) raise in price. Think of this as an on-going auction. Readers will see the last price and have the option of raising it higher. All buyers have until 11 pm EST to submit their bid.
All winners will be announced on Thursday, March 17.
Each winner will donate the specified winning amount through the#OperationLayla PayPal button. Once the donation goes through, I will email the baker the winner’s email address. It will then be the baker’s responsibility to get in touch with the winner to work out the specifics of sending the baked good(s).
The winner has 24 hours to make the online donation. If, in that time frame, the donation is not made, the next highest bidder will be contacted.
Thank you very much for your generous contributions and support. We will try our best to moderate the comments throughout the day. If you would like to comment anonymously or have any questions or concerns, please email
Happy bidding!

Operation Layla

Well...  I was going to write something profound.  Something absolutely dripping with grace.  I planned on telling Layla's tale of scar pains after intro-ing from my current post surgery issues.  Or even explaining how meds can cost a fortune to those who have no insurance (When I let mine insurance lapse as a stupid stupid grad student, I had to pay $168 for antibiotics.).  But lets face it, one thing I lack now a days and will for the next month is time.  (I'm writing this as I scarf down my lunch.)  So instead of being eloquent and artistic with my words, I'm going to be brief.

A dear friend to me, Layla, is pain...  Intense pain associated with surgery she had a few years back.  It's not getting better and the fates had conspired against her for the last several months throwing a monkey wrench in her motor of a chance to have insurance cover the surgery.  Because of this, friends of her (blog buddies) have set out to raise the money to help fund her surgery with no help from insurance.  Every little bit helps and there's a site set up to help all of us internet folk out here give a lil bit however we can.  So follow the little Operation Layla link below to find out more about Layla, the cause and how you can help.

I'm also donating all the proceeds from sales at my Etsy shop to Layla as well.  =)

DLMarts - Operation Layla

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Technicolor Basket of Sunshine

A few weekends ago, our original weekend plans were to enjoy a nice quiet one yet it was everything but that.  This being that at around the same time the hubs discovered his truck had been broken into the night before, we also found out that one of his teenage cousins was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  So as he waited for the cops to arrived, I scurried up to Wildcard for some "Get Well Soon" gifts.  I returned home with a container of colorful magnets (every teen needs magnets for their school locker) and two crochet critters by Alicia Kachmar (a Smore and a Deviled Egg).  Upon visiting lil cous "H"... her and all the girls in the ward's sunroom were in love with the crochet critters.  And after telling them that the lady who makes them began crocheting in the hospital when she was ill, that made them more excited about learning to make these lil cutsies.  =)  So I told H that if she wanted to learn to crochet, I get her all the essentials to start...

And that's just what I did...  "H" if you happen to find this post before I give you your treat, don't read.  =)

I purchased a few of the patterns she liked...  The vegetables as she thought the Olive was the cutest and hats for your safety cones.

Then I made a trip to Michael's with my Xmas gift cards and had an initial idea in my head of a few skeins of yarn, a crochet kit that contained a book and hook along with some embroidery floss that soon turned into a huge basket.

A bountiful basket to make any crochet lover giggle in delight...  

Diaper pins for keeping her work from unraveling when she's in between crochet moments plus tons of yarn and stuffing to make all the critters her heart desires.

All the little tools and bobbles she'll need to master amigurumi (the art of making crochet critters).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kitties and Yarn...

Dunno why but kitties love yarn.  But ours get all wide eyed any time I pull a ball out near them.  =)

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