Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Technicolor Basket of Sunshine

A few weekends ago, our original weekend plans were to enjoy a nice quiet one yet it was everything but that.  This being that at around the same time the hubs discovered his truck had been broken into the night before, we also found out that one of his teenage cousins was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  So as he waited for the cops to arrived, I scurried up to Wildcard for some "Get Well Soon" gifts.  I returned home with a container of colorful magnets (every teen needs magnets for their school locker) and two crochet critters by Alicia Kachmar (a Smore and a Deviled Egg).  Upon visiting lil cous "H"... her and all the girls in the ward's sunroom were in love with the crochet critters.  And after telling them that the lady who makes them began crocheting in the hospital when she was ill, that made them more excited about learning to make these lil cutsies.  =)  So I told H that if she wanted to learn to crochet, I get her all the essentials to start...

And that's just what I did...  "H" if you happen to find this post before I give you your treat, don't read.  =)

I purchased a few of the patterns she liked...  The vegetables as she thought the Olive was the cutest and hats for your safety cones.

Then I made a trip to Michael's with my Xmas gift cards and had an initial idea in my head of a few skeins of yarn, a crochet kit that contained a book and hook along with some embroidery floss that soon turned into a huge basket.

A bountiful basket to make any crochet lover giggle in delight...  

Diaper pins for keeping her work from unraveling when she's in between crochet moments plus tons of yarn and stuffing to make all the critters her heart desires.

All the little tools and bobbles she'll need to master amigurumi (the art of making crochet critters).

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