Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Operation Layla

Well...  I was going to write something profound.  Something absolutely dripping with grace.  I planned on telling Layla's tale of scar pains after intro-ing from my current post surgery issues.  Or even explaining how meds can cost a fortune to those who have no insurance (When I let mine insurance lapse as a stupid stupid grad student, I had to pay $168 for antibiotics.).  But lets face it, one thing I lack now a days and will for the next month is time.  (I'm writing this as I scarf down my lunch.)  So instead of being eloquent and artistic with my words, I'm going to be brief.

A dear friend to me, Layla, is pain...  Intense pain associated with surgery she had a few years back.  It's not getting better and the fates had conspired against her for the last several months throwing a monkey wrench in her motor of a chance to have insurance cover the surgery.  Because of this, friends of her (blog buddies) have set out to raise the money to help fund her surgery with no help from insurance.  Every little bit helps and there's a site set up to help all of us internet folk out here give a lil bit however we can.  So follow the little Operation Layla link below to find out more about Layla, the cause and how you can help.

I'm also donating all the proceeds from sales at my Etsy shop to Layla as well.  =)

DLMarts - Operation Layla

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