Thursday, November 18, 2010

Arsenal in Autumn

While aimlessly meandering around the world of blogs, I came across a fall photo contest by a military wife's on her blog titled GI Joe's Wife.

Fall Foto Contest

Sarah is currently living in Hawaii as her hubs is stationed there and wishing that she could enjoy more seasons than just 1 season of constant summer.  As I take plenty of photos and had just recently taken some of my retired military hubs playing like a kid in the fall leaves, I decided I'd share some of my favs with all of you and the best one with Sarah!  So here goes our Saturday adventure in Arsenal Park (Early on it was the site of the historic Allegheny Aresenal).

In the spirit of not altering any of my photos, these are all orginal, out of the camera, unphotoshopped pictures.  =)

Bug's View of Arsenal

Where's Squirreldo?

The Vibrant Tree

Last Posey of the Season

Shades of Fall

Eternal Youth

My personal fave is this one of the hubs running towards me through the pile of leaves...   On the first take, he ran so fast that I got a picture of just leaves flying in my face (leaves + mold = not good for the allergic to nature aka me).  

I also managed to get this great shot of the flag in the park flapping in the wind.  It's one of my favs too.

For all the photos we took that day feel free to visit my flickr album

ps.  It's our two month wedding anni and soon (when I have the time) I'll start some recaps as I got our wedding photos yesterday!

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Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

The furled flag is totally awesome! Love you in your shades :) You look like a celeb. You and Josh look like you had a good day. Wedding pics...YAY!

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