Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gardening and Swimsuit?

As a bride wearing a strapless dress, you worry about funny tan lines due to sun exposure during tasks such as gardening...  So why do you never see anyone gardening in a swim top?  You may think it's the inappropriate nature of it.  But in the case of a long bandeau top such as this...

It works perfectly as a strapless tank top and when use in combo with jeans is quite breezy for pulling weeds.  But sadly it leads to this...

Wicked Sunburn!  Now I did spray on waterproof SPF 15.  Problem is that it was spray on and rather than a misting, I should have shellacked my back in SPF.  I also kept bumping into a wet bush (disregard taking that phrase to the naughty place) that wiped off some of the sunscreen.  And I was weeding with my back in the air from 10 am to 1 pm-ish otherwise known as the worst time to be in the sun.  So of course I got wicked burned with appears to be a white spot from what I can only imagine was a leaf stuck to my back.  Next time I garden and attempt to not get a farmers tan, I need a heavier duty lotion waterproof sunscreen.  I also have to avoid the area where I was weeding that contained no shady spots.

Anyone else tempted to garden in a swimsuit?

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