Friday, August 6, 2010

An obsession with bags!

If you're a Bridesmaid of mine...  you may read further but I would suggest not as this contains one of the many goodies you will get from me!  =)

Any of my family will tell you I'm a bag fanatic.  Not purse like stylish bags but the cute kitchy grocery store or messenger style bags.  When I go to Whole Foods (which is few and far between now), I always have to pick up an extra bag from there even though I have ~20 at home.  So when I happened into Bath and Body Works the other week before my first dress fitting, of course I would find cute, cheap, awesome, self store bags.

There are 6 different colors and the bags roll up to be clipped for storage.  How wonderful is that?  =)  You can stash it in your purse for when you might need to have more carrying capacity on the go.  And the greatest part about these bags are the cost...  $2.50 each!  Another similar bag I bought at a recycle, reuse, urban hippie store sold for around $5 so this price isn't bad.

Sorry for the crappy phone pics...  this was a rather spur of the moment post.

I chose to go with the yellow bag as I loved the design.  It looks far better in person than on the site...  And getting myself the bag gave me a great idea for part of the bridesmaid gifts as I know a few of them have a bag fetish as well.  =)

Anyone else in blogland LOVE bags...  esp inexpensive, cute, reusable ones?

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Image Goddess said...

I so LOVE bags. Geeks will vouch for me. So will LabBFF. LOVE THEM!!!

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