Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tiffany's Style Shower Pt.1

Two weekends back my maids under the leadership of my baby sister threw me a bridal shower and it was so wonderful.  They acquired the use of the clubhouse at my mom's boyfriend's apartment complex (And my mom's beau took care of the table and chair rentals... He's such a sweetie.  I'm so giving him one of my favorite paintings.).  The clubhouse was a fantastic setting for family and two of my school buddies who decided to make the trek up to Butler.  My little sister even pulled a little bit of art by constructing the congrats banner herself.  =)


As with all showers.... we started with food,


a bridal game or two, the cake


and then gift unwrapping.  With the unwrapping there was joy,



in some cases confusion,


and of course silliness with bows,



Yes I do make a multitude of very expressive faces without even trying...  The rest of the photos taken by my camera can be found on my flickr site.  In the end we got plenty of registry and non-registry items that are perfect for us.  That is once we unbox and put away everything.  =)

Next... Part 2.  The Bridal shower silliness!

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Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

I love that picture of you with the ribbon hat and lingerie - it screams this is my bridal shower! SO CUTE!

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