Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bride Brain

If you don't know what I mean and are engaged, you'll find out when you get down to the almost 2 weeks point.  =)  It's the moment in time where there is so much coming at you so fast that you start to forget things.  Well... most things that is.  Unless it's written down, you end up forgetting for a day or two.  Or completely forget all together.  

For instance, if someone RSVPs via a route other than the ones you designated and you didn't take it down at the moment you saw it... when you finally go and start tallying names and RSVP #'s, you find yourself re-asking those for their response.  Opps.  =(  

Or you find yourself constantly saying, "I need to order the usual steaks for my brother's birthday" but never sit down to do so.  Then when you finally do, the delivery date ends up being 4 days past his b-day.  Now he won't mind as he said you didn't have to order them this year with the wedding and all.  But considering his recent grief over having to put his childhood dog to sleep, you wanted it to get there sooner than later.  You wanted to cheer him up... with bacon wrapped filets and steaks!  =/  

Or the fact that you totally forgot about all the little projects you didn't write down for the wedding.  That with only a lil over 2 weeks to sit down and do those along with draft a poster for a competition two days before the wedding, there isn't much time to think or focus or sleep.

Top all this off with the sudden death of a dear friend, who despite being 95 and lived a full life, and you find yourself a mess.  Not wanting to deal with anything and having the worst time remembering things.  Not caring anymore about projects, wedding or school.  And just wanting run away from it all for a bit.  Not call of the wedding or anything.  Just some time away... say a week tops.  But even your 3 day weekend at the beach falls through.  Considering a hurricane is rolling in.  No sun, no surf, no salt water taffy.  =(  No evening out your slight farmers tan.  No break away from things.  Just looming projects and that brick wall your flying at 100 mph.

It's all quite saddening.

A case of severe bride brain complication by life drama.


Samantha Clarke said...

You poor thing! Don't worry, you'll make it through! : )

Meh said...

Thanks! I'm hoping things will start to get a bit sunnier. I'm so sick of drama. But it will be nice when it all comes together and i'll feel super pretty in my dress. =)

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