Friday, April 23, 2010


Today I got the response to my Weddingbee application...  It wasn't a full out, you don't fit response but more of we don't have enough slots rejection.  (Yet I was still in slight sad, panic attack, pre-Mother Nature hormone week, want to tear up a little mode)  Unless it was a form letter, which I hope wasn't, I was told they really enjoyed my blog.  *bonus*  But I know there are bits that need adjusted to the blog and the application for Bee approval.

First, I tend to ramble.  On the application, I was... sorta... incoherent on the last section.  I knew I should have just went with one paragraph about him and me.  But I got so excited that I began to ramble.  And as I loved small bits of each ramble, I didn't want to toss away any of the gushing written word vomit.  Application Mistake #1 but fixable.   I also rambled in the "describe your wedding" section along with not having enough solid details.  More incoherence = Application Mistake 2, likewise fixable.

Second, we aren't far enough along with the planning.  Despite all these ideas bouncing like racquet balls in my head, we haven't made any huge firm decisions.  We have the venues but other aspects such as flowers and catering are on a teeter totter.  If all I'm writing about is the random little planning aspects or my brainstorming, it may inspire some but not all.  As Cathy (Mrs. Penguin) mentioned in her response to my "how do I better my blog over the next few months once we get more wedding detail" email, the committee likes to see evidence of the wedding to date.  So just spewing ideas out, is not as helpful to other brides as showing what we are doing would be.  I totally agree!  And spewing out ideas/not acting on what we have decided on is not helping me or hubs get things off the checklist.

Third, I don't post 3 to 4 wedding posts a week.  I do average about 5 posts but 1-3 are random little delightful rants.  Despite having around 4 wedding posts per week at first, these were not posts about my wedding but me scrambling to find interesting possible wedding ideas to post about so that my posts weren't a bride ranting.  This rolls back to me needing to get more wedding details down.  Once the details are down and begun to be made, then I can write about them and the process to that decision including all the maybe ideas.  =)

So my future action plan involves creating coherent organized thoughts about wedding related topics at least 3 to 4 times a week on firm wedding plans that we have made.  =)  I'm also going to revamp and restyle my application so that it's more professional like the resume that it actually is.  And I'll work on styling up the layout of my blog with a bit of watercolor!  ;)

In the meantime, I will continue my blogging and putting ideas in here and there without the focus to make it 4 per week.  Future hubs and I will now be pinning down some of those fly away ideas (eg. He's calling the catering companies today to get pricing) and making things more solid for the wedding.  At the T - 2.5 to 3 months time, I'll try again with the Bee.  As at that time, I ought to have more fodder for the blog!

How many other Bees out there felt the "sting" ( I'm practicing my lame jokes for future hubs) of rejection to only find themselves motivated and put back on track with the overall wedding goals?

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