Monday, April 5, 2010

Cute as a button wedding favors...

While scouring the martha stewart website for punches, I found a section on handmade party favors.  My eyes dilated like a cat fixated on a bird outside a window.  My current idea for our party favors is kin to our sunflower theme.  I'm going to purchase little vellum envelopes and put a handful of sunflower seeds inside.  Then I'll punch holes in the flap to tie it shut with divine twine in our wedding colors.  To finish it off, I'll add a handmade label.  Then in addition to the plantable sunflower seeds, we also plan on having a cookie table that we will place little chinese take-out boxes in the wedding colors so that guests can take home sweet favors as well.   But despite those plans any ideas from Martha are always welcome...

On her site, I was first drawn to her flower wrapped favors!  Easy to make and probably adaptable to a sunflower-esque design...

These paper lantern favors are so adorable...  and would go with the lantern theme we were throwing over the dance floor area indoors.

The tea and cookie favors were very cute as Josh is a tea fanatic.  But the cost of making several hundred would be crazy...  Although it has made me realize I need to invest in a tag punch.

Upon stumbling on the origami favors, I thought... hmmm this would be a nice way to add in a little of the origami that Josh loves to fold but folding that many would be hell.

Then I came across the tree cups!  Drool...

"Orphaned teacups make perfect little temporary pots for young myrtle trees that can then be used as gifts, party favors, or place settings. Put a thin layer of gravel in each cup. Plant topiaries in potting soil, and cover the dirt's surface with moss. Place near a window, and water when dry. After a week or so, transplant to a pot with a drainage hole." ~ Martha Stewart [quoted from her site]

I am gushing in love with these!  Future hubby thinks they are the cutest as well once he found out that it's real trees in the cup and not just a faux sapling.  This would not for the wedding however as that would be an insane amount of money to make this many unless I found bulk trees for cheap.  But for the bridal shower...  It's so a WIN!  I want to run out today and hit all the local Goodwills looking for teacups or bike down to the local greenhouse to ask about young myrtle trees!

Anyone else just find the perfect little favor for a party and want to run out for all the supplies?

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