Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm a 2 dress, 2 ceremony... kind of bride?

The other day was full of excitement for two reasons...

I found a dress that is so me for the city hall ceremony and I also found out that we may not need the ceremony.

First the less exciting...  the not needing a second ceremony.  Apparently, PA is one of the states where you can get what is called a self-uniting marriage license.  The idea behind it is that the couple does not need a legit officiant (clergy, judge, otherwise ordained...) to marry them.  They just need the specific type of license and two witnesses.  If we got such a license, we could do away with the city hall marriage.  But I was a bit excited for it now.  I'm close to getting Josh to wear his Class A's (once he's sure he's allowed as retired military) and I got excited for meaningful photos rather than the standard engagements after the union.  Also, it would be better for us financially to marry sooner.  This way he can get the military paperwork adjusted and maybe it will lead to an increase in his retirement or housing allowance in the not too distance future.  At this point with him needing books soon and us not having any free cash, we'll take either.  Plus... I now crave the city hall ceremony after I came across an amazing dress for the ceremony!  I'm not a fashion guru but I have butterflies for this dress...  I'm literally drooling for it.  If we opt out of the ceremony, then I won't get said beauty and I crave her.

But before getting into the dress.  Let me show you the vintage hat that inspired the dress hunt and will hopefully be worn that day.  I'd also like to show the dresses that came along before her.

As I desire a dress that would compliment this hat, I had to go with dresses with the vintage look.

I found this little beauty at ModCloth first...  It's classy and city hall-esque.  It was perfectly priced at $65 and produced locally by a really cool company.  But sadly, she was out of stock.  =(

I then found this doll at Blue Velvet Vintage.  It was simple and sophisticated.  But despite her being lovely, she just didn't call to me as the one from modcloth.

So I continued my search for something that just screamed me...  This lead me to Unique Vintage and the following dress.  But still, she wasn't speaking to me...  Close but not the one.

I then began to grab straws and was looking for anything that could go with the hat...  I found this little sweetheart at Daddy O's that screams Dick Tracy's chick!  And while she would be perfect for the hat, she didn't completely come off as "bridal".  Plus I don't think she would be re-wearable to the rehearsal dinner as it's a bit too much.  I love it but the grandparents may not.

My friend Betsy who's a rather retro chic girl herself found this little gem from Stop Staring Clothing.  It's a bit more wedding that DT's girl.  But while it would work with the wasn't the one yet.

Feeling a bit lost and hopeless, I jumped back onto Unique Vintage's site.  And I came across another possible dress.  It's a bit fitted and off white plus has that vintage style that would support the hat.  Sadly, As the junk in my trunk is rather voluptuous, form fitted is not necessarily the best.  Unless the dress has a good bit of give, anything that fits my chest is too tight on my rear.  And if it fits the behind, it's loose and baggy for the girls.  Plus as any girl who is attempting to tone and loose weight, this dress may pose a problem in the tummy pooch area.

Then while wandering around Unique vintage...  I found her!  I knew it from first glance and then after checking out the additional photos, I was sold.

She's formal, yet flirty.  She's vintage and depending on how off white the color is, she may work well with the hat.  But love comes with the additional pictures.  The bodice is cute and rather appealing with the cut out.  But the lace up back is to die for and perfect for the girl who buys for the butt but has to cinch for the chest.

Then we come to the bolero...  Until I saw this dress, I had no idea what a bolero was.  Heck, I had never heard of one before.  But once I saw this one, it just made the dress slightly more sophisticated.  It's city hall wedding but still Alice in wonderland playful.  I fell in love instantly.  

Now the only drawback is finding the cash for the dress...  I haven't reworked the wedding budget since we talked to the catering company or since I decided to do my own flowers and spent money on makeup.  I need to get a firmer fix on the budget before I lay down $ for her.  But I just have this feeling that once I do, I won't regret it!  Anyone else find themselves becoming a 2 dress, 2 ceremony bride as well?

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