Monday, April 26, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Now while I don't share the same love of fashion as Rebecca in the movie, I do have an issue with shopping...

Anything that is on sale and for which I might like, I tend to buy.  Often times they are items that I really don't need, like 3 random dresses on clearance for $5 each from a gallery turned used clothing shop.  Or how about 2 books on calligraphy from Barnes and Noble clearance when the whim to start writing script again caught me.  I tend to venture towards the clearance section in Starbucks each time I visit despite the fact that our cabinets are overflowing with ceramic mugs.  This propensity to buy led to my 1 month craft store ban as I easily drop $50 each time I visit.  But despite knowing this I can't help myself...  If it's on sale or I strongly desire an item or if future hubs doesn't act like a voice of reason... I purchase.  On a side note...FH is just as bad as I am.  We are like kids in a candy shop when out together.  For instance, a visit to Home Depot for soil and turf builder turned into us also buying a topsy-turvy strawberry pot when I have a real strawberry pot somewhere around here.  =(

Sadly it took watching a movie about a fashionista shopaholic to make me realize I need to ban myself from all purchases but the necessities.  That is until the wedding...  No more random books or random cute objects.  No more dishes, pens, art supplies or kits.  No more kawaii toys, pretty plants or random clothing finds.  The only items I am allowed to buy are wedding related necessities.   Such items would include a smartly priced dress for our city hall wedding to go with my vintage hat that will then be re-worn for the rehearsal dinner.  I need to be a smart shopper... That is at least until FH begins to get the GI bill housing money (hopefully by the wedding) and can pull a little more weight financially so things aren't so tight.  And with any luck while we wait for the government to give FH the GI bill, I might become a little better at not buying those cute objects from the sale sections.

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