Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A lovely Easter find!

As we were wrapping the afternoon up at my Baba's (slovak for grandma) house, my Baba came out with a handful of First for Women magazines.  She said that I might be able to find something useful in them as they are magazines for younger women.  I leafed through the top issue that happened to be the latest edition featuring all things Easter and spring.  Now I for some reason always leaf back to front (I know i'm weird but less fuss with the pages that way...  someone so needs to invent a backwards magazine for us weirdos) and in the back I came across table decorations for a spring get together.

(yes my scanning skills suck tonight...  Source = First for Women March 22, 2010 issue)

I fell in love with the glass cups containing jelly beans and daisies!  It was just the perfect combination of color and contrast.  I immediately thought, wedding tables!  I've already purchased a few items for the reception tables but not everything...  and I'm sure I could adapt this to fit my desires.  Here's what I am going to would do if I use this on our tables.

(Source = First for Women March 22, 2010 issue)

1.  The glasses could easily be bought at Ikea for ~ $1.00 each or less depending on type.  I'm fond of these really neat beer glasses due to their shape.

(source =

2.  The jelly beans would be another issue... Future hubby suggested the idea of getting the solid color jelly beans from the candy stores.  But that will most likely cost more ($8-9/lb)  than buying the mixed bag and sorting into cups of single colors.  (I had a talk with a friend about m&m's for an event where they needed a certain color and it's way cheaper to buy the big bags and pick out the colors.  Welcome to the era of mass production!)  We could for  go the jelly beans all together but FH is a jelly bean addict.  He loves those little things!  So if we did this idea, real beans for sure!

(How neat is this?  Honey flavored jelly beans! source =

3.  The flowers we can always do fake from the local craft store.  This way they would last without water and a couple bunches on sale is not going to break the bank.

In all, this idea wouldn't set us back too much as we only need about enough for 20 odd tables.  At the reception there are 46 tables picnic tables on the wrap around porch, and I bought around 24 of each diff type of candle decoration (2 types... clear glass and amber glass).  As I was planning to find some small inexpensive potted fall mums for the tables, I can mix the mums into the one decor idea and the glass daisies into the other.  To make things even more fun, I can get different size drinking glasses and use different size daisies.  That will cut down on costs too if the daisy arrangements have various sized daisies on a stick.  Smaller flowers and smaller glasses = cheaper too!

I just love finding random ideas in unexpected ways...  Anybody else agree?

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