Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mason Donations

This weekend while washing off a Classico Pasta Sauce jar to save for random crafts (buttons, beads, labels, etc) I had a light bulb moment.  Normally, I just rinse the jar out and recycle it.  But as I was planning to reuse this jar, I decided to give it a complete scrub down.  After sitting in a sink of hot water, I was in awe to find that it wasn't just a plain glass jar as most of the other sauces I've experienced came in.

It's a full on mason jar made with volume indentations on the one side and Atlas mason on two of the others.  As I've been playing with the idea of some kind of mason jars as table decorations for the reception, this diamond in the rough gave me a brilliant idea.  "Why buy separate mason jars if I can just save our pasta sauce jars!"

***Small but short happy dance!***

Sadly, if we used at least one jar of pasta sauce each week until the wedding, we would be able to collect around 20 jars (almost half of the tables if I only did one jar per table)...  But that's not going to happen as I don't see us being able to eat that much sauce.  So the next best thing is to invite friends and family to help in our collecting.  Not only will they be able to be a guest at our wedding but now they get to play a personal role in it.  But how to ask everyone quickly, effectively and in such a way to sell them saving us their jars...  For those online, a facebook event!  I'm going to set up an event page asking for them to start collecting jars whenever they they happen to pick up this brand or any other with honest to goodness mason jars.  

Is it weird of us to ask my friends and family to save old pasta sauce jars?  Of course not!  =)  Because it will save this bride and groom some $$$$ on an already uber tight budget.  

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