Friday, April 9, 2010

Twice the price... half the product?

When I first wrote this post 3 days back, my original intent was to question if using the Secret clinical strength was worth the cost.  I had just bought it as it was on sale at the local Rite Aid and I figured I'd give it a whirl.  See my sister and I have a way of sweating through any deodorant that isn't a Secret Solid.  And by solid I don't mean that invisible solid crap... I mean the old school secret that has been reduced to the baby powder scent at just about every place you can buy it.  (Yes, every time I saw less variety at the stores, I've screamed inside "Please don't discontinue the only thing that works for me!"  Sadly I found out yesterday (from the horses mouth) that it is discontinued and no longer available.  So it appears that I must buy up what I can find to hold me off until I find a replacement deodorant/anti-perspirant.)

At any rate...  I bought the clinical strength Secret to test it's abilities.  When I pulled it out of the large box, it was half the size of all the others I have bought in the past...  And double the price!

To add insult to injury, when I clicked it up to starting position I distinctly notice that the bar was halfway up the tube without any use.  *Huge frownie face!*

Once again... I just hoped this stuff would work (for the wedding that is) considering how much it costs!  At that point in time, I didn't really need a new deodorant as I was quite happy with the opaque white solid.  But for the wedding, I need something that keeps me stink free, sweat free and doesn't leave white marks on my green band.  Sadly after getting an email back from secret saying the only thing that has kept me stink free since puberty is history, I was and still am hoping to make this deodorant work.

So here's my current experience from the past few days with the clinical strength...  The first day I wore it, I applied the night before as directed and put nothing on that morning.  Sadly, I noticed sweat the next morning midday in lab.  =(  The following day, I put it on at night then reapplied the next morning.  It worked better but I still managed to sweat in it.  And it didn't help the nervous sweats at all.  I also made Josh sniff me to tell me if he could smell any odor.  I know...  such a cruel mistress I am making him sniff my underarms.  Despite sweating and swearing I smelled bad, he (after much prodding) admitted that I was only "mildly aromatic".  So I didn't smell like a sweaty pig but I'm still not very impressed with this more expensive clinical strength stick.  But I also am in a bind as now I need to find a replacement that works.  In the past, I had tested with other brands to only find they didn't work.  The gels didn't last, the invisible solids were a joke, the crystals were so so and in the end I always went back to my old faithful.

I'll give the crystal a go again as future hubby swears that if I put it on after my shower at night instead of in the morning, it will work.  We'll see...  and that thing sure did cost a pretty penny too.  Twenty one hundred pennies to be exact from l'occitane.

So now I'm just nervously looking to try anything that works for others who found they can sweat through most deodorants...  Any suggestions?

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