Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Maids will be in Clover!

**********Bride in Dress photo!  Future hubby, no peaking until after 9-18**********

Yesterday afternoon and evening was a wonderful combination of bridesmaid dress shopping and a make-up trial that almost didn't happen.  A mixture of grad school stress, wedding stress, general life stress along with anxiety about not fitting in the dress that I bought last year and intense menses emotion led to an almost tear fest and canceling it all.  Luckily I was able to force the tears away and get to business.

Dress shopping took place at David's Bridal, where I released the maids to frolic among the silk to find their favorite styles.  The only rules I gave were that they all had to have the same length and the dresses had to be ordered in clover to match my dress.  Once set free, they resembled hungry cheetahs on a fresh carcass seen during an African safari rather than bridesmaids...  I and the step-moms (mine and Josh's) just sat back and watch.  After trying on several dresses, they all gravitated to the one Meg (my little sis and MOH) found online months ago.  It's a one sleeve beauty that is knee length.  Mind you I didn't care if they all had the same style but they all came to love that one style (DB F13301).

The maids!
From Left to Right...  Lindsay (Josh's step sis), Megan (my sis and MOH), Denise (my step sis) and Nicole (my step sis)
Such brunette beauties they are!

They then tried on dresses all in clover while I tried my wedding dress (David's bridal dress H9274) on again.  I was terrified that it wouldn't zip up.  See I bought it when I weight around 130, maybe 135 last year then over winter I went up to 150ish (due to many wine and cheese nights/lack of Josh's understanding that I am tiny and can not eat as much as he during dinner prep).  I'm currently down to 140 and once I start biking/exercising again, I plan to drop down to 125 to 130 so it will need taken in a lil.  But I was still terrified it wouldn't fit.  Well, it fit and I was thrilled!  A little snug and I had some new shoulder chub that I don't recall last year but that will all disappear in 5 months.
My step sis Nicole and I

The maids and I in green...  And giving my sister sass as she was playing paperatizi with my SLR camera.

Following the green dresses, there was a bit of debate on the maid's dress of choice.  This being that my step sis Denise is a bit tall and to get one that went to her knee like the other maids, she would have to order 2 sizes too big and get it taken in...  And alterations cost more $ that no one these days really has.  While we were all a bit bummed, Josh's stepmom came to the rescue by asking the attendant if that dress came in a floor length style.  It didn't but there was another style that was one shoulder and floor length.  The maids all went running off to find the dress in their size and they did have a size that fit each maid well.  (I lacked getting the pictures.)  The dress (DB F13185) itself looks like something a greek goddess would wear with the silky flowing fabric and the sash that hangs from the one shoulder.  And by sheer chance and good thinking, we lucked out to find the right dress for all my maids.

The dress fit each and every one perfectly.  The only alterations they may need would be to hem it in length but depending on how much of a fuss the material gives, I can do that at home on my machine.  And there was worry about granny panty lines but simple slips and a gift of some Vicki's thongs in the bridesmaid gift bags by the bride will solve that problem.  

Anyone else have all your maids by chance end up choosing the exact same dress when you let them have their own choice?  And has anyone also just happen by chance to find the perfect dress for all your maids?

Next post...  Make-up trial at Sephora!  Simply Beautiful!  =)

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