Friday, April 2, 2010

Sephora! Part 1 of 2

When I first found the coupon for the maids, I knew I wanted to do a beauty trial with my dress.  Initially, I thought of a hair trial but time would be too pressed on Wednesday to get an updo and make it to the David's Bridal in time.

This then meant makeup trial!  Yet I hadn't searched for any styles and I really didn't know what I wanted.  I liked the idea of 30's style pin-up cheesecake makeup as I felt so beautiful last fall for Josh's 30th B-day shoot at Atomic Cheesecake Studios in Baltimore.  But bright red lips and a green dress scream christmas hooker!  Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful makeup but I've given into to agreeing with Josh and my little sister that it's a bit too strong for a wedding.  Ugg.

Having no aspirations as to how I wanted to paint my face, my little sister (aka my MOH) and I walked into Sephora and asked about a wedding makeup consult.  The sales associate disappeared for a few minutes then came back with their makeup artist Dee Ann, who we just loved.  She has a degree in theater, at one time specialized in theater makeup (for years) then switched to tv broadcast makeup and now moonlights during weekends at Sephora.  She was extremely knowledgeable and not pushy at all.  I always have this fear of going into a place and having them push everything at you.  Having worked retail and dealing with Lab Reps now, you occasionally get the "pushers".  She instead made a note of the products that are new or ones that don't necessarily get stocked regularly so that I would look to pick those up just incase they sell out.  Other products such as the foundation that they carry frequently could be held off on due to their availability and my possible getting a little tanner in the next 5 months.  =)

So here's the results of the makeup trial...

Me on a normal make-up free day.  Yes my cat is winking. =)

This is what I looked like after Dee Ann's magic!

The makeup made the whites of my eyes pop but also made me realize I need to get some white strips ASAP!  ;)

~6 hours later still looking good!

For the most part that is... I may only need to powder or use blotting paper once as my face seemed to stay rather dry.  =)

Then I had a blinc mishap!  See the directions said use lots of warm water and then gently pull the mascara tubes off.  I sadly have a habit of using too hot of water for everything as I heart killing bacteria!  So when I went to use warm, I used HOT on a wash cloth.  Then rubbed that wash cloth down my face leading to crazy goth emo girl...

A combo of the eye liner and mascara ended up on my under eyes and was not washing off.  I promptly pulled out the cold cream for the makeup and then used a warm wash cloth to rub the mascara off my face.  Next time I'll remember "warm" water only!

Ever have a makeup mishap when you didn't really pay attention to the label?

Coming next... Part 2 The beauty products used!

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