Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free CSA Images

Here's a neat little piece of information you all might find wonderful.

A paper company by the name of French Paper has a stock pile of graphics that are downloadable for free!  Woot!  There are only a few catches for their use...

1. They must be printed on French Paper's paper.  including reprints
2.  Max download # - 10 per day, 300 per year
3.  Must give image credit
4.  To see their full list of requirements visit here and click on restrictions apply or to check out extended uses visit the CSA image site at

I wish I had really investigated their site when I went about buying the paper for our wedding invites as I would have most certainly grabbed some of their ornaments and borders for use in my design.  For any of you brides out there still looking to design your invites, take a peak.  For our invites, I bought all my ivory colored paper ( I believe they calls theirs Whip Cream) from French.  It's a great paper weight paper that cuts and punches well.  And they have tons of colors and styles along with some really cool retro styled posters and artwork for sale.  Plus they are family based paper company in the USA.  =)

So if you have any extra paper kicking around or you need to order some acid free amazing paper (their prices are not bad at all for paper if you're a crafter and can easily use of a ream of 500) check them out French paper here at  And their image download here at

Anyone else find some totally kickass free images that would be perfect on wedding invites from places you didn't expect?


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For sure!

Unknown said...

Thank you for links :) I have had a couple more sites, but almost all of them were blogs, only this one like an individual project. Although, in fact, there is no difference where to download free pictures as for me.

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