Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wedding Cupcakes

Why cupcakes?

There's a couple reasons for substituting these little delights for the traditional wedding cake other than that they have become the most recent fad...

First, it's like having hundreds of little wedding cakes all decorated for each individual guest!

Second, it's less mess and less cleanup.  They come prepackaged in their paper wrappers... so no cutting or need for plates or forks!  Clean up involves little waste as it's a paper wrapper to toss away rather than washing dishes/silverware or throwing away disposable items (totally environmentally bad).


Third, they create smaller portions!  As anyone who's been to a wedding knows... By the time you get to the cake, you're full!  And often times you can't eat the whole slice.  By getting around 2-3 mini cupcakes per person, you get around wasted cake as each person can take the amount they feel they can eat.  And in our case as we are having a Pgh cookie table and a homemade ice cream bar...  we might be able to get away with less cupcakes!  =)

Fourth, they cost less.  Yes... depending where you go, they cost less!  While pricing cakes for our wedding (as we still have no idea as to the status of the supposedly free wedding cake from a former white house pastry chef that is friends of my MOH), it became aparent that the ever growing Pgh cupcake bakeshop called Dozen Cupcakes had a better deal compared to other bakeries.  For instance... the hubs wanted to get a cake from Moio's (an infamous Italian bakery).  But their website states that wedding cakes start at $3.75 per person.  For ~200 people that's $640!  OMG!  Whereas Dozen Cupcakes is ~$450 for 200 cupcakes.  As we are having a homemade ice cream bar and Pgh Cookie table, we could get away with less cake.  Maybe even do all mini cupcakes...  say like 2-300 mini cupcakes.  And hopefully that would be less than 200 full size cupcakes.

So why not throw a wedding with cupcakes instead of the traditional cake?  I can't think of a reason....

{All photos above are from Dozen Cupcakes' Flickr acct}

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