Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick and Dirty Blog Title

Yesterday afternoon I decided that I should finally get around to changing my blog title to a cute image.  As I didn't have the time to sit down and do a cool watercolor...  the next best thing was a photo.  So I grabbed an image of the 85 gagillian tags I made for the wedding invites and went from there.

The original Image...

I then rotated the image and trimmed to the layout I wanted using the crop function in my mac's preview program.  I also resized the image so it was 15 inches across by the automatic proportion down.  And I tweaked the colors and brightness to make the image and shadows pop more.

From there I opened the image in photoshop as the mac's preview tool wouldn't allow me to put text on.  (Note... I could have done all the previous steps in photoshop but was too lazy at first)  I used the text tool to add my header title in the typeface Trajan Pro and I changed it's color from the standard black to a nice green.

In total it took me a minute to take the photo and then another 15-20 to make the image right.  Not bad for a quick and dirty DIY banner.  ;)

Anyone else make a quick and dirty header for their blog?

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