Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paper Parasol (The purchase)

So for those of you wondering which parasols I bought....

They came in last week!

So for your viewing pleasures, please scroll down!

The Gilded Gold Starburst beauty!  I'm in love with her!  She has gold on her handle... Ooh La La.

The pink swirl is a cute umbrella as well!

And the Oriental Trading Co.  paper parasols are going to be so fun to paint and decorate!

If painting these goes well, I'm going to pick up another box and decorate them for the wedding.  And as there will only be 10-12 for the guests, I plan to tuck a winning golden ticket to 10-12 programs.  Those guests will get an umbrella if they wish to hide from the sun.  =)

And for shits and giggles....  plus to make my shipping free...  I picked up a box of 6 wood fans from OTC.  They are so sweet!  And for ~5 bucks!  Woot!

This set of deliveries (that arrived the same day from 2 diff companies...bonus!) brought me a bit of joy lifting my spirits from the flood downer the night before.  (You can see the bags under my eyes from our first water adventure.)  ;)

Anyone else out there received a delivery that makes you really excited to start a new project once you get the half completed ones done?  

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