Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The punch line...

Just before the 3 month mark...  my baby sis, Meg, came down to help me with the invites.  As I total screwed the pooch on the gocco screen (aka I left blank space for text then changed the design and now have a huge nasty blank space on my screen that will require flashing anew), we decided to corner punch all the corners.

From the infamous Weddingbee Mrs. Penguin's post about DIY invites, I took the advice about getting an easy squeeze punch.  I have several punches that are all thumbs but this new one by Fiskrs had a squeeze handle and the ability to see what you're punching rather than blindly shoving a sheet of paper in.

In doing the corners, I had Meg use the new round corner punch while I did the flower punch as it's more of a pain to line in and it's not so easy peasy on the thumbs (I didn't want my sis to have hand pain for the next week).

It took us about 3 hours but we punched approximately 1,200 corners.  We didn't round every corner as I liked the way doing only the diagonal corners looked against the square cardstock (you'll see during the final reveal).  Maybe it's the art deco in me coming out again but I think it's fab!

Despite saving the need to punch double the amount of corners... my thumbs still hated me that evening and the next day.

Next, we punch the envelope liners then gocco and assemble... aka paste, punch, eyelet, and ribbon!  Then send!  Woot!  I can't wait to say goodbye to these puppies!

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