Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grrr... UPS... Grrr...

A package came yesterday or at least that's what the tracking said when I checked it at 11pm.  But sadly, we received no package.

I ordered this lovely dress from modcloth and they shipped UPS ground.  I thought all was well and good with it's shipping.   Despite this I checked the tracking last night to see where in transit it was.  What do I find but that it says it was delivered... left at the front door at 6:10 pm.  We were out for an hour printing stuff in my lab and getting coffee on the way back so during that hour that it sat on my door someone stole my dress.  Yes... Stole my dress.  (This being that if UPS didn't screw up the delivery and drop it off at a neighbor's house.  I'm going to check the house with our house # on the next street over this evening to make sure it wasn't accidentally delivered to this sweet lady that lives there.)

I called UPS up saying that I never received my delivery even though they say I have.  And they tell me I have to contact the sender to start a formal investigation.  I respond that I'll do that and it's all well and good but I want something put into their system for my address stating that packages are not to be left at the front door.  Why?  Our front door is literally 3 ft from the sidewalk.  That's how city houses are build...right on each other and on the street using maximum amount of space possible.  So when a box is left at our door, anyone can see it from the sidewalk and easily steal it in a passing glance.  What was UPS' response to my request.  "You have to have the sender request signature confirmation for a delivery, we can do that here."  Seriously!  So you mean to tell me every time I order something I need to make sure that they remember to send with signature confirmation.  What about wedding registry gifts that people order online?  Those are going to start pouring in and you mean to tell me that I need to notify everyone and anyone who might possibly send me something that they MUST request signature confirmation.  What if they forget?  Are you going to leave a 3ft box on my porch for some thief to run off with while I'm at school?

So what does all this ranting mean...  We have to do one of two things.  First we either have to rent a P.O. Box for the year around the wedding.  That will run ~$200.  And I don't even know if that includes the fact that most of the deliveries to said box won't fit in it.  Or we have to have all our deliveries sent to my lab address at school.  That would be free.  But despite that, I'm sure we will still get random deliveries to our home address from people who only know that address or think it's nice to send them to our household.  While I love deliveries to my house and surprises on my doorstep, our neighborhood (despite being on the upswing) is in a community that is by far not wealthy.  It's urban and has the chance of crime...  heck crime is even in the better areas of the city... when I lived in the wealthier community of Shadyside we still had things stolen from our porch.  For instance, I left a plastic tote of garden materials on the porch when I first moved there unsupervised for 4 hrs.  Some one raided the tote, toppled everything and stole a can of lilac spray paint.

Anyone else peeved at UPS bc they can't just flag their address in their system as a signature delivery only address?


Sunny said...

Ahh you ordered your dress and they lost it. That's horrible! Mine came yesterday although I haven't tried it on yet. =)

Also it seems like common sense that they could just flag your address as signature only, how silly is that?

Meh said...

I was so excited since it was my first modcloth order! Luckily it's not just one production dress but I also don't have $50 to buy a new one. =( Hopefully it was insured and this get fixed.

I'm going to the UPS store today to check with a manager as it's stupid not to be able to flag an address. With possible random wedding gifts arriving from people who don't know to make sure to list as signature only, we can't be sure more won't be stolen. And in an area where the post office won't leave packages that won't fit in your mailbox, UPS should realize that theft is a problem.

Meh said...

And this isn't the 1st time a delivery co has just left something. Whichever one delivered a large care pack of meat from Omaha Steak, that my fiance's mom ordered for us, just left the foam box on our porch. Didn't even ring the bell or knock. His mom messaged asking if we got the delivery... he said no... she said it was delivered 15 min prior... he opened the door and it was sitting there.

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