Monday, June 7, 2010

Where have you been lately?!?!

Not that my subscriber list is huge but I know that some random readers might be wondering what happened to me this past week and a half.  An extended holiday weekend perhaps?  I wish!  Instead of enjoying life as we had during memorial day weekend, writing posts on wedding rice alternatives or even telling the story of my 2 day lust (like a dirty old man drooling over a veluptous venus in a strip club) for a typeface (aka font)... we were cleaning up water. LOTS of water!

Our basement flooded on Memorial Day and we assumed that it was some freak event that was not to happen again.  It wasn't a ton of water...  This being that we were able to mop it into the bathroom and soak up the rest with cardboard.  But it still was a huge distraction as the next day was filled with not going to work so I could spend the time rearranging boxes and getting books up off the floor.

(Yes our one cat is a weirdo who loves to lay on wet grass, wet bath mats and funky wet basement flood cardboard.) 

Then two days later

(Here comes the rain again...)
we got this....

(It ranged from half inch to almost two in some places...  Josh is doing his best to sweep the water to the drain but we were screwed because of the water spraying out from behind the wall)

(Look at it flow out!  And it nearly reached the front of the house as well.)

Double the amount of water and a flowing faucet of liquid coming from behind the basement bathroom wall.  FSD!  There was water everywhere and we were overwhelmed.  But luckily our landlord brought us his shopvac and talked to the neighbors about putting a french drain in their yard/walkway that sits directly next to our house.  They agreed to let him dig up their yard and plans were made to begin construction the following Monday.  This was a relief but we put ourselves on flood watch anyway.  This meant constantly watching the radar and weather forecasts hoping all the time that we wouldn't get rain.  The threat of flooding and residual moisture also led to me taking yet another day off of lab to go shopping for a shopvac of our own and a dehumidifier.  Then while I was down in the basement Saturday mother nature came knocking a 3rd time with rain.  And sure enough... the flooding returned.  This time, it was worse yet.

(How do you battle water bubbling up from the ground?  You don't...)

We had a geyser coming through a crack in the basement floor!  I knew exactly what it was coming from as well.  Our next door neighbor cut the knee height grass and weeds from in front of their house and as their gutters lack a drain pipe, the water did not flow to the street but straight down into the ground and into our basement!  Now it's just getting our next door neighbors to put a pipe on or even convincing them to let me put one on.

Needless to say, all this sweeping, moving, sucking and cleaning cut into any free time we had along with time we didn't have to spare.  Hopefully by Wednesday/Thursday (It's monday and there was no sign of ditch construction yet.) this headache will be corrected and I can focus on a more pressing issue... Wedding invitations!  I gave myself until the 3 mo mark to get them made and well...  it's 1.5 weeks away!  Crap!  So this lil girl has to get cracking on 150-200 invites ASAP.

Don't you just love life's little unexpected emergencies that eat an entire week away?


AZ in August said...

You have plenty of time, everyone understands that life sneaks up on us all! :o) But go you for being so on top of it!

Meh said...

Thanks! I hope it all works out. =) I failed to send out STDs so I really want to get these out. Plus once these puppies are in the mail, I can spend the time doing other DIY projects.

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