Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paper Parasol

******Maids...  don't read this...  unless you want to know what one of your little wedding gifts will be....  ;)******

As a child I was always fond of paper parasols... I even had a small yellow one with....  flowers?  I think it was flowers that were painted on it.  At any rate, I was looking at my friend Betsy's wedding photos again and fell in love with the idea of using paper parasols for wedding photos.

But as our wedding lacks the oriental flair that hers had...  =(  If I wanted to do parasols, they would have to be simple.  So I googled paper parasols and found Luna Bazaar and this beauty!

I'm in love with the green and contrasting white fine pattern that appears to be batiked on.  But as our wedding is taking place in a park and my dress is covered with green, I need a different color to contrast.  An alternative is to do me with a bright fuchsia and the maids with an orange... all in the swirl design.  In a bit of a reversal of this real wedding.

But that might be a bit too much bright color...  In the picture the maids have light dresses that contrast well with the bright parasols.  My maids on the other hand have very bright green dresses that might scream Easter Eggs if I infuse too much color.  I have nothing against intense colors but besides being too much color, the orange isn't part of the wedding theme of sunflower colors (yellow, green, & chocolate brown) with a fuchsia accent.  This led me to the idea of finding a stunning parasol for me and simple lighter parasols for the maids.  Possibly something along these lines of white for the bride and the maids with a touch of light color.

I could do this gilded beauty from Luna Bazaar!  It's simple and classy.  But then I have the problem of which color for the maids...  I'd like to have them with a yellow parasol to contrast against the green dresses.  But Luna Bazzar has 5 different yellows, which will vary in color as they are hand-colored.  I also have two friends who are serving as my DOCs that I want to get parasols for as well.  As they will be wearing yellow sundresses of their choosing then I'd like a color to contrast their dress but nothing too dark.  This sent me into a bit of color overload until I saw these wedding inspiration photos.

This bride has everyone with white parasols.  White would contrast any color the maids and DOCs are wearing.  And if I still go with the gilded sunburst parasol then I would stand out among them.

I ran across real bride, Mia, who added a bit of flair to a plain white parasol by adding flower petals and ribbon.  (Her parasol was done for her flower girl and depending what we decide for the flower girls... it might be a really cute idea to mimic her design for ours.  This being that even though we are in a park, we aren't allowed to throw petals all about)  I could likewise spice up a white parasol by adding a little artsy decoration to it on the top with something small or large such as the petals...

and at the base with a cute bow.  All could be in colors matching the girl's dresses.  And to make the parasols special for each girl, I might monogram a 2-3 inch Spencerian Script Initial on the edge of each parasol.  Rather than get the simple white parasols at Luna Bazaar, I found that I can pick up 3x as many parasols for the same price at the Oriental Trading Company.  With excess parasols (6 to be exact), I can test design some monogramed petal parasols and even attempt to watercolor a light yellow parasol.  I'm also going to use some of the spares to paint in the following flowing script fashion that I found on Pamela's Parasols

and iDoOriginals's etsy store for some really cute cozy photos with the future hubs!  I might even get him to pull out his artsy side and help me paint them.  ;)

I can't wait until all my parasols come in...  Stay reading for which ones I bought and how I end up DIYing my own unique designs.  Has my parasol fever worn off on anyone else yet?

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