Saturday, May 22, 2010

A bit of luck, random magic and fairy dust!

When we originally planned to get hitched in city hall, I decided I wanted to wear the star and petals necklace I picked up on Etsy as an impromptu spring pre-birthday gift for myself.

The necklace is a hand-forged silver star with two sets of teeming petals (glass enamel).  It sits on a really delicate ball chain that rests around my collar bones.  I just LOVE it!

Once it was decided that this was going to be the necklace for ceremony #1, I realized I needed earrings to go with it.  I found matching teeming vine earrings on Kathy's (the artist who made the necklace) etsy site.

But as I have 9 earring holes (6 of which I switch out), I would also need some studs.  Due to my laziness, it took me near to a month to email Kathy.  But as luck would have it, she perfected her technique of making stud earrings that morning before I emailed her!  (Is that kismet or what?)  As it turns out, she's been playing with the idea of making studs for several months now.  But it's a bit more complicated than the teeming petals as she not only has to make the tiny enamel dot, she also has to solder it to a post.  She offered to make me some custom studs and was uber excited that I was planning on wearing her necklace for my wedding (apparently friends have been giving her pouty faces for selling the star).  I told her the colors I wanted and she got to work making me 2 sets of studs to go with the teeming vine earrings and my teeming petal necklace.  Under a week later she sent these photos of the finished products...

And on mother's day, I sported my new jewelry!  

(please pay no attention to the really really white legs...  I need to make a date with the beach to see some sun!)

I just love my new found enamel artist of a friend and can't wait to see what she comes up with next!  For more on Kathy's wonderful enamel jewelry visit her Smashing Etsy shop ( or her blog (!

Don't you just love when things just seem to happen perfectly and by chance?

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