Sunday, May 9, 2010

I want to be a real girl...

...who can shave her legs at the sink!  Yes, I totally suck at the sink shave.

As you can see, I shot the shave gel clear across the sink and behind the towel rack.  I still don't know how none of it managed to end up on the floor.  I'm choosing to blame this misdirected spray on the combo of the sink being over 3ft tall, me having my left leg on the sink while balancing on the right trying to squirt a little of the gel into my left hand using my left hand while the right was holding a razor and the extreme excess of pressure in the can.  Quite the mental picture, eh?

So why have I chosen to sink shave in the first place?  There's a good possibility that I might be heading to the gym tomorrow with our recently graduated labmate.  I'm attempting to get in shape the good old fashion way.  Yes I have lost a little weight due to a slight increase in activity and that stomach bug last week but it needs to be more.  Or rather, I need to tone key areas such as my arms and my abs.  While I devised that I would do the gym twice a week and weights/crunches at home the other 3 days, I have been unable to stick to that.  =(  So any chance to use a gym buddy, I shall take!  But what can I do versus what I can make myself do is the ultimate question.  When hubs gets his student ID for Pitt, I do plan to use him as my gym buddy.  But when doing exercises for my cheesecake photos, I got grumpy when he pushed too hard.  Although in the gym, I'm more likely to try as there are onlookers.

Hubs also suggested the idea of doing push-ups as it tones your core and arms.  And while i scoffed at that back then, I'm allured by it now.  That is after I noticed miss hot wings post on a toning program called one hundred push ups.  The challenge consists of a 6 week program to train you up to be able to do 100 pushups.  I would just be happy to be able to do more than 25 in one go.  =)  Hubs does 50 a day and I think they are 8-counters (he usually does his new routine after I leave in the mornings or when he ends up at the VA gym after appointments).  So this week I'm making a resolution to myself, as we are a little over 4 months out from wedded bliss, to start an exercise routine next week that includes the 100 push up challenge.  I will hate it and growl the entire time.  But at least this way I won't direct any of the exercise dislike at future hubs.

Anyone else need a gym buddy to keep on task?  Have you tried this push up routine and like it?  What easy to stick to routine would you suggest?

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