Monday, May 10, 2010

Feels good to be appreciated...

The other night, future hubby said something that I wasn't expecting.  See we were in the midst of a wedding discussion that involved both ceremonies and I was in uber problem solving mode.  We were debating on the best time to do the civil ceremony, when he mentioned the idea of wanting to do it mid June after first session of summer semester.  I agreed but realized there might be a slight conflict.  I thought my friend/our photographer told me, when we first met to discuss photos, that June was a busy month.  So I was sure she couldn't do our "city hall instead of engagement" session in June.  I also knew that his mother mentioned that his cousin, who is a professional photographer, offered to do our wedding.  Now I still plan on using both my friend (who we hired before we knew about his cousin's offer) and his cousin for the large September wedding but these changes in civil ceremony planning gave me some room to play...  

I love my friend's artistic non-traditional eye.  And if she can't do the city hall wedding, I'm much rather have her do a "trash the dress" session after the wedding.  I know she would do beautifully for such a shoot.  So scratch E-shots and city hall from her.  In exchange, if his cousin is willing... We would use her for city hall (and E-shots if she offers).  In all honesty...  given the right lighting and training my sister's photographic eye, I can get her to take some E-shots of us as we aren't so concerned with getting those.  =)

After problem solving the photographic tangle...  Josh told me something he held back mentioning as he didn't want to make me more anxious (as I was already anxious enough with his mother's upcoming visit).  His grandmother had a stroke this week.  I was shocked to say the least but realized that this increased the need for the city hall ceremony.  It also made me realize how important it is to invite all immediate family to that ceremony as well.  So I rearranged plans again and told him that we would plan on June for the city hall ceremony making sure that when we get the wedding license, it's a self-uniting license.  This way if we need to, due to his grandmother's declining health, we could get everyone together for a shotgun wedding.  As the self-uniting only requires the couple and two witnesses and does away with the need for a justice of the peace, we could gather the family on short notice for this ceremony if needed.  We will, of course, still be doing the huge wedding in September.  But instead of having the civil ceremony as our own little moment, we would now be offering an open invitation to all of the immediate family.  He and I both agreed that this was a good game plan and might serve to lessen his mother's negative reaction when he tells her of the city hall marriage.

As we both smiled at each other like giddy high school teenagers in love, he told me that he was glad I was taking care of the wedding plans for both ceremonies.  He didn't think he could come up with plans that would take such considerations of others and work so well not to offend anyone.  His complements made me feel all warm and gushy inside... needed and love...  appreciated.  =)

Doesn't it feel lovely to know you are appreciated?

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