Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Diamond Dash

Of all random things for future hubby to mention on the shuttle ride in this morning, he brought up the Henne Jewelers' Diamond Dash...

          ~It's this high tech (via cell phone text message) scavenger hunt around the city of Pittsburgh in search of finding a $15,000, 1.5 carat Diamond Ring.  When you solve the riddle and go to each location, you get a new clue bringing you one step closer to the ring.  From WPXI's story, it would appear that the dash is Henne Jewelers' way of saying thanks to the city for their support.

Oddly enough Josh mention that him and his fellow classmate from the History of Pittsburgh class joked that their class would serve as prep for the riddles as they are learning odd little facts about the city such as market square was originally in the center of the city instead of it's currently location.  Sadly, Josh has class at 10am and I lack the wealth of trivial knowledge he has.  I joked that my little sister and I could text him the riddles and he could tell us the answers so we could find the diamond...  =)  Yet, while finding such an expensive ring would be great (to sell off so we could afford our wedding as this ring is a little too much bling for my dainty paw), I'm sure this event will be reminiscent of a crazy running of the brides.  And I don't think I'd want to deal with some bridezilla trying to scratch my eyes out if we both found the ring together.  ;)

Any one out there doing the diamond dash?


AZ in August said...

That is freakin' phenomenal, I would totally do it if I lived there. I'm crazy for deals, yo.

Meh said...

It would have been awesome to do this... but it rained and my fiance had class.

The couple that won has been married for 5 yrs and has two kids. On the news the husband said it was the ring she always deserved and they could never afford.

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