Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Found by a Chance... City Hall Dress

In anxiety, I couldn't wait for my sister to go to Athropologie and Urban Outfitters with me...  To maximize time and effort, I drag Josh to Urban Outfitter's the day before planning to go shopping with Meg.  Walking in with my vintage hat in hand, I made a bee line to the Pins and Needles lace dress I found online!

One of the girls restocking dresses asked if I needed help and I responded by pointing (with my hat) to the dress on the dressmaker's mannequin saying "I came in for this dress to go with my hat"!  Amazingly enough, she said they just got those dresses in that day!  Double woot!  I pulled out the sizes in my range and went back to the fitting room to find the right size.

After slipping into the first dress, I positioned the hat on my head then went to the full size mirror to snap a picture.  As my shutter clicked, the dressing room attendant came back in.  I felt like an idiot snapping a picture so I explained that I was trying to find the perfect dress to go with the vintage hat for our city hall wedding.  She was absolutely delighted and also expressed my content on how the dress went perfectly with the hat (When I first walked into the dressing room, she got excited that they might be selling the hat but slightly disappointed when I explained it was vintage.  On a brighter note, modcloth is selling a very very very similar replica hat).  I then got Josh to snap a few photos that turned out to be less than flattering as I was making faces and moving too much...

But after we got home, I did my best to snap a few shots in an old pair of black heels (that I plan to wear that day) for posterity...

Josh got a hold of the camera and was hounding me like a paparatzi.  I did my best to play along then had enough...

I'm overly excited and happy that I decided to drag Josh out that evening for a couple reasons.  The first is that this dress absolutely goes with the hat!  It's perfect for the era and vintage of the hat.  The second reason is the price tag.  This dress came out to $78.  It's $100 less than the first dress (considering shipping and all) and $40-60 less than anything I would have bought at Anthropologie.  Considering that I made around $110 from selling 3 paintings at the gallery opening, this works out perfectly!  =)  I just have to remember one thing while wearing the dress...  keep a good posture! Slouching makes the dress look frumpy and unflattering.

Ever try on a dress that you didn't think was just perfect to find that it's the right one at the right price?

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