Monday, May 24, 2010

All that sparkles

Ok...  enough family drama venting....  now back to more cheery posts of good wedding stuff to pull me ought of this funk.  This one I wrote last friday while still in a chipper happy mood!  =)

A month or so back I came across a really fascinating way to send the bride and groom off for the night... Sparklers!   (Miss Buttons at Weddingbee mentioned them here while Miss Frog mentioned them here...)  I know our guests will love the idea as everyone loves sparklers...  It can bring out the child in anyone!  =)  Plus who doesn't love a company centered around selling sparklers for special events called Sparkle!

Photos from Sparkles homepage and gallery

A kiss in a mist of sparklers seems surreal... while the contrast of sparklers against the night in a black and white photo is just amazing.  For some reason it makes me think of older vintage photos.

And there are so many ways to get some great wedding pictures with sparklers!

I love how they spelled out LOVE here!
From Sparkle's creative section of their website

Or sitting in a heart...
Another from Sparkle's creative section

The bride and groom making a heart here!
From wild bill's fireworks site 

I also adore this beautiful photo by 6:8 photography of the circle of sparkles with the bride and groom holding one in the center...

And with all of the unique ways Sparkle has shown for you to display your sparklers and matches, who doesn't want sparklers!

I just LOVE sparklers!

Now just to see if I can convince my bridal party to help us clean the lodge so we can have a sparkle send off!

Anyone else allured by sparklers?  If not... just play with a few this 4th of July then come back and tell me you still don't like em.  =)

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