Friday, May 14, 2010

Trash Bin Dumpster Diving Win!

It's sad but once I get old and loose my modesty, I'm sure you'll find me feet up in a dumpster digging for finds...  Well, maybe not exactly in a dumpster as my desire to avoid germs, dirt and all things nasty would not fade as I age!  ;)  None the less, I am of the notion that if it can be repurposed or upcycled, it might as well be saved!  This leads me to pick up all things big and small that can be reused.  In lab that means collecting "one time use" filter tip boxes that would be on their way to a landfill if I weren't repurposing them for my artistic endeavors.

At home it can mean something as simple as collecting bottle caps from twist off beer bottles for various crafts.  Or while randomly walking down the hall at school this week, it meant letting my eye catch something that could save me a bit of cash...

Catering trays from a departmental event placed on top of the recycle bin set to be thrown out!

{local trash bin area where I found the elusive trays}

  Your first thought might be "why does she need trays?".  We are planning a Pittsburgh cookie table at the wedding!  And while my sister thinks the guests who bring the cookies will bring something to serve them on, this is not always true.  Despite having several trays (a hodgepodge of old coke collectables and plastics kitch from dollar general), I don't have a large variety.  And after seeing that our possible catering company also lacks a large quantity of trays, my first idea was to purchase more dollar store kitch.  At a few bucks a tray that wouldn't be bad.  But then these beauties walked into my life.

They are NOT extremely flimsy black plastic trays (5 large and 1 medium)...  they appear to be quality plastic!  If I decide at a later date that I don't like the idea of having black trays, we can do one of two options.  We can spray paint the trays a different color, we can find some large doilies at the local party store to cover them or do a combo of both.  =)

Ever find something quite useful in the most unexpected places?

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