Sunday, May 9, 2010

Delicious Noms ~~ Pt. 2 ~~ the eats

When arriving at the strip of businesses in Gibsonia, you see that Mitch's is located in an old ice cream shop (perfect for the ice cream side of his business).  We walked in and were greeted by Mitch and his wife Bev.  After talking for a bit, Mitch showed us the kitchen and then took us out back to show us the smokers (he has 3 of varying sizes).  When it comes to cooking the small meats, he tows the smoker to the event and cooks the food there.  This way your guests not only get fresh made food but they also get to see the smoker in action.  Following the tour, we got right down to business and the eats.

The first was chicken, not marinated as long as Mitch wanted so he improvised with a beer marinade.  It was amazing!  Very moist but cooked to perfection.  And it was to die for when you added one of Mitch's 3 sauces.  Mitch puts each sauce out separately so that the individual can choose if they want regular, spicy or very hot BBQ sauce.

(don't mind the pork hiding in the chicken... these were the leftovers we got to take home after the tasting...)

After the Chicken, Mitch cut up some freshly cooked pork tenderloin.  It was just as delicious as the chicken and cooked perfectly as well.

We then dug into the pulled pork.  It was more amazing than I remembered and instantly won over Josh and my sis Meg.  Josh even commented that it was better than the world famous pulled pork he had out in L.A. as a kid.  The pork was seasoned just right and cooked to perfection.  It wasn't dry or too watery but just right!

Beef Flank steak was next and it also tasted good...  It had a little more chewiness than other steaks but that is the type of steak it is.  At this point, Josh was ready to hire Mitch!  And they started to discuss the menu...  chicken, pulled pork, a small roast pig, beef.  I began to worry because on their online menu, it was only 2 meats for around $16 per person.  But Bev assured me that quantity of each meat would be adjusted as everyone will not be wanting complete servings of each and the price would not vary much.

So we went onto tasting the sides.  This included broccoli salad, amazingly sweet baked beans, and guacamole.

I enjoyed the salad and the beans but I've never been a huge fan of guacamole so I didn't really like this stuff.  After the sides, we each got to taste Mitch's homemade ice cream.  I could eat a whole tub of this... it's that good!  And should be as he's been in the biz for 20yrs.

In the end, we went with the meats Josh chose above (BBQ chicken, pulled pork, beef flank steak and a small pig...  yes we will be getting a small piggy and I want a redic pic of me kissing the thing in my wedding dress...) with sides of broccoli salad, baked beans, parsley red skin potatoes, and shish-kabob vegi skewers and of course the ice cream bar!  Fingers crossed they are affordable enough or we can adjust the meats and the sides to take it down to our price.

Did any of you fall in love with your wedding food after the tasting finding yourself crossing your fingers that the cost is affordable?

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