Sunday, May 16, 2010

Laundry Day Finds

I just love cleaning!  Well...  I don't clean nearly often enough but when I get on a roll, I love the feeling of accomplishment when it's all done.  Plus when sorting through and cleaning an area that I haven't touched in months, I tend to find many things that were either lost and/or forgotten about.  Yesterday's washing of the exponentially growing delicates/hand wash basket proved quite beneficial.

My first find was a set of purple sheers.  These are perfect to swap out the blue bathroom curtains with to give the room a more vibrant look.  =)

Next I stumbled upon a tube of Bert's Bee's.  I thought it was my pomegranate flavored stick to only realize later it was the stuff bought years ago for skiing.  (It's the lifeguard opaque white stuff...)  This was a bit of a disappointment.  But that only made the last find even more exciting.

My final find of the night was a handful of "naughty-wear".  Ok...  Not really so naughty but along those line of intimates.  They were a mix of drastically reduced lingerie from the semi-annual sale at Vicki's last fall.  Apparently I had set these on the hand-wash pile (as I refuse to wear any sort of underwear without washing first...just in case someone tried them on before me) and over the last 8 months they became lost in the pile.

Silk Pattern

French Maid...  with lace on the rear...  ;p

Lace and Fleur De Lis details...

This find was my (and future hubby's) favorite find of the afternoon.  For me it was the fact that I found possible honeymoon undergarments without having to spend anymore $$$$.  I also found a corset like item that has a built in garter which would be perfect under the city hall dress.  That is if I decide my legs are in need of thigh highs due to their stark white appearance.  For him...well, he's a guy so I'm sure his mind went to the horny little boy place when I pulled them out of the basket saying "Hey, look what I found!".  ;)

Any one else out there have some laundry finds lately or is it just me being a clutter-bug?

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