Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Just watched this really cute movie called TiMER.  The star happens to be the actress (Emma Caulfield) who played the role of Anya in the Buffy the Vampire tv series.  That's how I was originally drawn to this independent film.  Then I read the synopsis and knew I had to see it.

Basically the idea is this...  Science has advanced so that you can get an timer implant that tells you when you will meet your soulmate.  If your mate has a timer then it displays the time you will meet.  And when you meet it dings and beeps and all that jazz...  Now I won't spoil the details of the movie for any of you as it's really cute and it's stream-able via netflix.  I'd recommend checking it out even though the ending wasn't what I wanted it to be.  But the question I pose is this...  Do you want to know if who you've married, plan to marry or are dating is your soul mate?  If you had a guaranteed way to know, would you want to?

Loaded question, right?

Future hubs watched the movie with me, thought it was cute too and asked me that.  In my stressed mood and disappointed by the ending I teared up then tried to hide my dripping eyes in his shirt...  At which point he asked me if I was wiping my watering eyes in his shirt.  I grinned and nodded still dripping from the eyes.  Then I attempted to answer his question.

The internal monologue I was compiling throughout the movie to myself... before his question... was this....  If such a device existed, I don't believe I would ever want to conform to getting one...  I would be too afraid of what it would or would not tell me.  For instance, seeing that I believe I found my one...  I'd be afraid that if he wasn't my perfect match that getting such a timer would destroy a good thing.  It's like wondering how compatible you and your mate are...thinking that wouldn't it be cool if you both took one of those eHarmony tests and it confirmed what you already knew.  But what if that test didn't confirm?  Where there were no doubts before are now doubts that undermine your relationship.  I see that could also occur with such a timer.  

Scientifically speaking if you think that in this whole wide world, there is just 1 person for another... only 1 soulmate.  How do you know that who you've fallen in love with is the one.  The one could be a guy from a completely different country that you haven't or never will meet as you both will never cross paths.  The idea of finding that 1 in billions seems very unlikely.  So technically you find someone who closely complements you and you grow on each other.  That's what getting old with someone is about.  You're a close match but have your differences and imperfections that make you both unique.  You never truly find someone who is completely your match in every single way.  In the end you grow into being best friends and true soulmates.  Where at first it's just puppy love, affection or raw animal attraction.  No one couple fits perfectly.  It's how you handle life together that truly bonds you.

And yes...  a loaded answer from a bride just 2 months, 2 weeks and 4 days from her wedding day.  See to my heart I've found the one for me...  I like the idea of love being blind.  Not needing to know the scientific facts of things.  Just feeling it's right.  Maybe it's driven by fear or maybe it's driven by the fact that science is constantly changing.

In the end with the lack of happy movie ending getting to me, (Indie movie... go figure no happy ending for indie romantic comedy) I could only say that I wouldn't get one...  I wouldn't want to know one way or another.  Hubs laughed and said he thought it'd be neat... to prove what we already knew.  But understood that the scientist in me would be afraid that it would be so precise that it would basically do what happened in the movie.  Who my heart wanted I wouldn't get.  I wouldn't have my happy ending.  He knows me so well... even if he hasn't been guaranteed by a TiMER, he's my soulmate.

So would you get a TiMER?

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