Wednesday, July 21, 2010

59 Days and Counting Down

Wedding stress just might be getting to me... I went off on a supposed Vochelli pizza guy last night. Let me tell you the story then you can tell me if it's just stress, bridal bitchiness or hormones.

We had just parked the car after a massive amount of grocery shopping that somehow resulted in buying $90 of chips and veggies.  (We went that explains it all.)  I had called my stepmom back while on the way home and what would normally be a 5 min call became an epic phone conversation about all things wedding. As we are loading our arms with grocery bags and heading to the house, a random man claiming to be with Vochelli stops Josh offer some kind of coupon deal. I chose not to listen as I was in the midst of talking to my stepmom about "mother of" dresses.  Unfortunately this guy was not going away easy and he was talking so loud he was practically screaming.   The more I inched away, the louder he got to the point where I couldn't hear my stepmom even though I had my one ear to a shoulder and the other pressed so tightly to my phone I could have shoved it into my ear drum.

At that point I told Micki to hold on. I had had enough of this man and obvious my sweety was either on the fence about the coupon or unable to figure out a way to pollitely tell him to shove off.   So I told him flat out we really don't need pizza coupons (we had enough food in our arms to feed an army), that we had groceries to take in, I was talking to my stepmom about wedding stuff and I was hungry. Sorry but no.  He still tried to sell it anyway by saying he could take credit cards for the coupons (as obviously josh told him that he didn't have cash).  At which point I told him flat out that we don't give card #'s to random people. He claimed he has some sort of certificate or identification but I still firmly said NO. Honestly I'm not giving my card to some schlub off the streets and josh has no credit cards....just a bank card.   We don't need this man being a fake and stealing all of Josh's money for some measly $11 pizza coupon.

Furthermore...he saw us overloaded with grocery bags.  You don't haggle people to buy your merchandise as they are carrying massive amounts of groceries into their house.  Josh claimed it's a free market and that's what our country was built on...  going door to door selling.  But this guy had grifter written all over him.  Selling offers that apparently aren't available in the store.  Taking cards and not just cash...  Walking around using an umbrella as a cane...  Josh may have seen a guy trying to make a living and if he did somehow get a bunch of Vochelli coupon to sell that way, it's fine.  If Josh had cash, he so could have gambled the $11 on the coupons but I was not letting him risk his savings and the wedding cash in his acct on this random stranger.  So because this guy wouldn't catch the drift and leave us be, I let my hormonal side (which is all firey bc it's mother nature's almost time to visit) out to play and told pizza man to sod off!

Was that wrong of me? Did he just pick the wrong time to approach us? Or was it just lucky for us seeing as how he could be a con artist fishing for card numbers?


Sunny said...

I say he deserved it. He wouldn't shove off and I don't know about the whole credit card thing either, seems a bit skivey to me too.

Meh said...

Glad I wasn't too wrong telling him to scurry along. All and all this guy just seemed a lil off. And I hate having people try to sell me stuff when I'm at or near my home. That's my place of comfort!

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