Monday, July 12, 2010

License to Wed... by ourselves!

As our lives have gone from normal crazy to intense crazy in the last month...  I found myself in dire need of a mental health break from all things.  So I took the remaining days of the holiday week off.  And seeing as how we could only apply for a marriage license in person (as you have to swear you want to wed) on a weekday, friday seemed too perfect.

Originally we planned on obtaining the license from a more rural county as Allegheny county charges $75 for a license due to extra fees (Greensburg is only $45).   But seeing as how we were both exhausted and tired from the drama that creeps into our lives, we decided to eat the extra $30 and go "Dahn-Tahn" (downtown in Yinzer).  To be green, get a lil exercise and save on parking we rode the bus despite the onset of rain and made it to the City-County Building just after 3:30 (Last time to apply was 4pm).

Pittsburgh's amazing city-county building...  inside and out!

We were immediately waited on and I immediately realized I didn't have my driver's license.  I removed it from my wallet earlier in the week when going to the pool with my sister and it was still in the pocket of my beach bag.  In an instant of insanity and brilliance, I asked if my photo University of Pittsburgh ID and my PA drivers license address update card would work.  This being that I knew if we walked back to the bus stop, caught a bus and drove back in, we wouldn't make it by 4pm.  Sure enough her manager gave us the go and we filled the form out.  And it was an intense form.  Besides knowing where our parents were born, where they currently reside and what they were doing for work, we had to answer questions such as "Do you have any transmittable diseases?"  When the clerk asked future hubs that question, he didn't understand what she was asking...  So I had to clarify by saying "Do you have any STDs sweety?".  He still gave me a puzzled "are they serious look" and answered "No".  After filling out the form, we swore that everything we stated was true and signed on the line.  We also had her file us for a self-uniting license.  The idea behind this is that you don't need an official officiant to marry you.  You marry yourselves with two witnesses.  Now we are still planning on having an old retired military minister marry us but if things come up, we are now open to use whomever and it's still gonna be legit.  =)

Excited over the slip to pick up our marriage license in ~3 weeks.  

Not so excited over the pouring rain that soaked us to the bone on the way home.  A tiny folding umbrella works well for little me... not so well for 2 of us in sideways rain.  But we managed to keep the camera and our pickup slip dry with a plastic bag...  ;)

Anyone else have some crazy weather and possible setbacks when applying for your marriage license?

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