Monday, July 19, 2010

Dollar Store Finds

After we visited Josh's gram in the home today, I suggested we stop by the Dollar Tree where everything is $1.  My original intent was to get picture clips such as these...

This was in part to a dream I had where I made fimo table number holders out of a ball of fimo and a paperclip.  In the dream I made the ball out of plain white bulk cheap fimo and then cut yellow petals, green leaves and made a black and brown tube to be rolled for the center.  The finishing touch was a swirly paperclip shoved in the middle to put the table number into.  All and all... really cute!  But when I woke and thought of making ~30-40 of these in the next two months (as today is the 2 mo mark), I realized it wasn't very achievable with all the other projects to do.  So came the idea that the dollar store ought to have some of these inexpensive photo clips... I obviously overestimated the idea that they and shopping for that there was a FAIL.  But in it's place I ran across the cutest incense packs.

These are incense cones in packs of 8 with a little ceramic holder to burn them on.  But what makes them so fabulous is that the tubes are glass and have a cork like plug.  They scream test tube and the nerd in me was geeked when I saw them.  I wanted to buy the store out of them but held back because if the incense was undesirable, I'd have a whole box of nasty to deal with.  =)

Who else out there just loves the true to name dollar stores?

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Layla said...

That is freaking awesome. Seriously.

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