Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Shoe Contenders

When the genes for being able to wear high heels was given out... mine were lost during delivery.  While my little sister can wear any heel thrown at her and even sports stilettos in the middle of Pgh's icy/snowy season, I usually rip my heels off as soon as I possible.  I've even come to realize that wearing heels leads to self injury.  Not by falling but rather by supporting my weight in a very uneven fashion so that I pulled a tendon or ligament inside my hip.  Mind you this occurred during 3hrs of standing in 3 inch heels at a my most recent gallery opening.  I thought my hip healed a week after the show to only see that 2 months later if I move certain ways or try to sit indian style, I get a sharp nauseating pain in the inside of my hip.  Opps... Should have stretched that after the injury.  Because of this, I now fear wearing heels for more than a moment.  And from all my past experiences with high heels, I know that I won't be able to wear them all day.  So my alternative is to wear do something flat and pretty for the even though that means I'll be looking uber short next to the Mr.  (I'm 5'3" while he's a towering 6'2")...  Then for after wedding comfort if the flats are feeling tight... a pair of white chucks.  Now to just find the perfect shoe.  And it can't just be simple and plain...  it's gotta scream contrast...  or sparkle.

For those of you who don't remember... this is my dress.

Here is what I found so far on my brief hunt for an off the wall shoe that pops!

She's not a flat (3 inches) but too cute.  And if it were for only an hour or so, I could manage.  But as we are in the park and for more than that, I might get them stuck in the grass.  =(

A shoe with some style and cuteness but I think it might be too much flair for my dress.  I'd go with the yellow if I chose this set.

The St. Lucia has a fun little bow and I think the red or yellow would contrast well with the dress...  but I'm not so sure about how comfortable the back of the shoe would be on my ankle.

I love this in the red.  There's something vintage and worn about this shoe that I just think is adorable.

I don't really see this going with the dress but I thought it was cute none the less.

This gives a simple glitz but seems a lil too simple...

More glam here and it's workable but still doesn't scream me.

I found this to be downright adorable!  But to have a completely jelly shoe makes me worry about the jelly/foot sweat factor

I'm absolutely in love with these...  They are flats that are bright and cute.  Despite being Jellies, they have enough open areas where my feet could breathe.  Now to just settle on a color.

This shoe doesn't match my dress at all but I just wanted to throw it in here as I thought it was ever so cute!  Who doesn't love modcloth shoes...  =)

So currently I'm leaning towards the St. Lucia, Harlean or Sweet Caroline...  What do you think?   Any other shoe suggestions as I am a bit backwards when it comes to fashion?   If only I could find some glass slippers...  ;)


Layla said...

You KNOW I vote for the jellie's!! But I also love the ones from Modcloth... too many decisions!!

Meh said...

Of course for you jellie all the way! And I like those too. Just have to pop by DSW to see how the colors would look against the dress before ordering zappos. I also found these awesome fur ones...

Unknown said...

Hey B- Heals will definitely get stuck in the grass! It happened to me! If you will be in the grass for a good chunck of your wedding day, i would definely suggest a flat or a wedge. Get something that is comfortable and wont give you blisters! of your list, i like the Bandolino's Lucy.

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