Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ruby Red Slippers

While clicking my way through thousands of shoes today, I determined that I loved red shoes.  Even though my dress has tons of color, I still want more!  So here are the top few reds that are possible...  And with Zappos free shipping (Both ways!), you can't beat trying a few pairs out.
With only a small heel, these shoes won't cause me to wobble.  And they have an adorable bow.

Another flat with a cute bow...  These are  a good height that would allow me to switch out to my chucks for the reception without worry about dragging my dress.

How about a little Ginny by Fitzwell?

Soft suede with a little knot over top.  Simple and classy.

And another Blowfish beauty by the name of Sicily.

I've come to determine that I'm very fond of Blowfish shoes.  I'm not sure if I like these or the Blowfish from Shoe Post #1 better...

Out of all the shoes I've mentioned today, the ones that I'm leaning towards the most are the two Blowfish pairs, the Circa reds, the Hareleans, and of course the Sweet Carolines.

Tomorrow I plan to make a trip out to DSW to check out their red slippers and then order a boatload from Zappos!  Anyone else out there developed an obsession for red shoes while looking for the perfect pair to go with your wedding dress?

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