Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Date Night

It might seem odd the idea of an engaged and living together couple doing date night every other week but in today's crazy hectic society, it's sometimes the only moments you get to bond with your mate.  I must admit before my date night awakening, when a married friend of mine was all bouncy about date night with her hubs, I thought it was a bit silly.  Mind you at that time, future hubs had a very open schedule and we could do whatever whenever we wanted.  But now that he's started school and his grandma has been ill, what very little free time he has that's not spent doing homework or at the nursing home, I now have to share with his friends.  I have no problem sharing him but if I don't specifically make plans, he leaves at the drop of a hat when a friend calls.  Or sometimes he forgets that we were planning on a quiet evening with a bottle of wine and a movie to run off with a friend.  =(  He'll usually ask me if I mind him popping out for a little bit but I hate telling him "No, I don't want you leaving" as then I come off as controlling.  So I let him run off under the idea that he's only gonna be gone a few hours...that turns into several hours and whatever light plans we had fall to the wayside.

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So here's how a date night helps us out...  If every other Friday or Saturday night is our date night, then it's automatically assumed that we will be spending the night with each other and no one else.  So even if there is a sudden phone call, he won't let himself be stolen away.  That's the great thing about date night, no matter what, you two do something special for just you.  Some nights it can be going to the movies or to a fancy restaurant... Or it could be a simple afternoon at the river feeding the local ducks stale bread.  It's time that you two spend bonding together being your silly selves.

Anyone else out there find that you need a date night to get any good time bonding with your mate?

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