Friday, July 16, 2010

So Long, Farewell, Alvederzane, Goodbye!

Today was a delightful day.  We mailed off the wedding invitations!  After several long months of designing, cutting, cussing, pasting, gocco-ing, craft punching, more cussing, assembling, licking, sticking, paper clipping and even more cussing...the invites in their box were dropped off at the Post Office.  Soon they will be traveling across the country to their destinations and inviting all our friends and relatives to our big fat wedding!  Woot!

And for your viewing pleasures here is documented proof of the mailing...  Me giving my labor of love (yet royal pain in the butt) a kiss goodbye before passing the box off to our neighborhood Postman.  In case you can't tell... under the exhaustion is bouncy excitement that they are finally on their way (well... at least most of them as future hubs still has to get me a dozen more addys for his friends and family I couldn't get ones for myself... ce la vie!)

Is it just me or do all of you brides out there feel a sigh of relief to get the invites out in the mail?

ps.  Next week (towards the end) I will put up the post showing the entire wedding invite Suite...

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