Saturday, July 17, 2010

Twine that is Divine

I ran across Whisker Graphics sometime last fall and fell in love with Whitney Beard's Divine Twine.  It baker's twine but in some amazing pastel colors (Most baker's twine I've found tends to be all white or darker colors).

Whitney now stocks 8 different colors after her release of 3 new colors in June.  But color is not the only great aspect of the twine.  It's higher quality than your general baker's twine.  I originally bought her Black Licorice twine to package some of my blank chinese brush painting cards and then found myself in the need for red and white time at Christmas time.  Sadly, Whitney hadn't released her twine in Cherry yet...  So I ordered a 4 ply Red/White twine from a random bakery supplier.  It worked for the Christmas tags I made but for crafting it's not high enough quality.  Not all 4 ply twine is made equal!  Whitney's twine is twice as thick as the standard twine so it's perfect for crafting.  So perfect that I tend to find any reason to use it...even as a decorative edging.

With how much I loved my black and white only seemed logical that while wedding planning, I once again I found myself drooling over more of Whitney's twine.  This time spools of yellow and green for decorating our wedding favors.  My intention is to package some sunflower seeds in little glassine bags with a handmade label and completed with a colorful twine tie.  I'm sure that all our guests will enjoy the handmade touch of our twine tied seed packages.

Plus who doesn't love colorful twine?  There's just something about packaging gifts and little crafts with colored twine that screams Martha Stewart.  And you can't beat getting some surprises from Whitney that include graphic stickers sealing the twine labels and extra stickers for you to play with...  all tied up with sample twine inside a little envelope with her business card.

How many other divine twine addicts are there out there?  I can't be the only one.  =)

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