Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are you one of the popular?

Once again the guest list is haunting us.  When our first reception venue was a posh art gallery right outside of mellon park, we had to cut the list down.  At max, we could only have 200 people and after finding that the caterer could only do a minimum of $20 per person, the guest list got cut to 100.  At this point it would have only been family at the wedding...  boo..  =(  I didn't and don't want just family at my wedding, I also want friends.

Solutions... the venue is changed to a more affordable place where we can have any caterer we want.  Big win!  =)  But once again we have found, we might be bitting off a bit much.  Our guest list that includes the guests and +1s is looking to be close to 400.  Now despite going BYOB for alcohol (yes, you read right!  We aren't supplying anything but champagne as both of our pops are recovering alcoholics and we aren't going to supply anything that may lead to this blushing bride crying due to daddy's drunkin' actions.)... At any rate, despite the lack of removing the huge expense of alcohol, we might still find it hard to get a catering company to do 400 people for $2,000.  All we want is a BBQ/picnic style wedding but even so 400 people is a hungry mass to feed.  So once again, we have to consider cutting the guest list.

Currently I'm thinking "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  please no!"  But I can't afford a $4,000 or more catering bill.  I've budgeted in $2,000 - 3,000 for food and drink.  I really don't want to go much higher as we are already at $7K for this wedding.  So.... hmm....  how to solve this.  Right now there are 2 routes.

A. Cut the guest list.  =(  But there is a way to cut without loosing the people I want.  Remove the +1 from anyone who is not married.  Honestly, while I want my friends and family to enjoy themselves, I don't really want half of the sea of faces at my wedding and reception to be complete strangers.  My labmate who is getting married this fall too, made that point while I was whining about how uncouth it was to remove the +1.

B.  Go on a massive catering hunt!  As labmate also mentioned, I might be able to find a small mom and pop catering company that would be more reasonable with price.  And as I said, we are going picnic style now so that should make it cheaper.  I can see $20 a person for the 4 course meal option but BBQ picnic should be closer to $10 per.  (I know I've probably induced the gag reflex for some of you reading as you are most likely thinking BBQ sauce and white wedding dresses don't mix.  That's where a heafty bag tied around my neck comes into play!!!!  jk!  =)  But I'm already set on doing a "Trash the Dress" session with the dress so it's ok if it get a lil dirty.  Plus we just love BBQs and it fits the park setting of the wedding and reception.)

Now I know as always not the entire guest list will show but I still can't see spending that much on food.  So my little plan of action will involve a little from side A and a little from side B.  I shall remove the plus +1...  sorry!  And look for the best catering option in the burgh.

Anybody know of some halfway decent caterers that are reasonably price in the burgh?  =)

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