Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ooooo Martha!

I got my order from Martha Stewart yesterday...  well actually my neighbor on 43rd st got it and called me to let me know they delivered to the wrong address again.  =)  Inside was a halloween punch, a set of cherry blossom cards and a wonderful scrapbook album.

I found this album for $10 on the site and it's the perfect green to match my dress!  See I had been checking around for a guest book for the wedding and everything was either white or not along the theme I wanted.  So when I saw this album, I just had to get it (esp because of the price).  I'll remove the plastic sheets that are inside and insert my own paper that I will either stamp or print on to make it fancy.  Then I'll decorate the front in a way that matches our sunflower theme.  Best of all, it ought to cost alot less than buying something predesigned!

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