Sunday, March 14, 2010

Letterpress Madness...

This weekend I set about designing my layout for my art business card.  Now while I am in no desperate need for business cards, next Sunday we are taking a letterpress class at Sapling Press.  As Lisa from Sapling Press orders her photopolymer plates from Boxcar Press, she needs our designs about a week before the class aka Monday (Tomorrow).  Here's what I came up with...

Originally when we signed up for the class, there wasn't going to be enough time for a two color press so I began to plan a way to get two colors by stamping the second part of the design.  I have several stamps of swirls and swallows (the birds) that I will play with this week while Lisa orders the plates.  That's why this looks rather plain but won't be once I add the stamps.  =)  I'll post an update once I get it completed.  If I had the time to design a two color press, I would do a 2 sided 2 x 2 card with two colors on the front.  Maybe next time I'll create that...after I use all 250 cards.  =)

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