Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chocolate covered PEEPS!

I made the mistake of entering Walgreens hungry and this is what I left the store with...

Ramen noodles and a shitload of chocolate.

The ramen noodles I blame on the hunger while the chocolate I blame on mother nature.  And despite mother nature's charm, I did manage to find something that wowed me.  Chocolate covered PEEPS!!!!  See for the last three months I've been telling Josh, "You know what would be good?  Chocolate covered peeps!".  But I've been too lazy to pull out the crockpot and melt the wafers to cover the peeps.  So in turn the peeps still sit in the cabinet aging to their fine stale yumminess.  Yes, like my mother, I love stale peeps.  At any rate, when I saw milk and dark chocolate covered peeps, I had to indulge.  I tried one of the dark chocolates on the way out of the store.  

I wasn't terribly impressed.  While it was so cute to bite through the chocolate to find a yellow peep, the marshmallow was really gooey.  It would have been better with a graham cracker inside.... aka perfect combo of the above = a mallowmar!  So I'm out to outdo the "New" chocolate covered peeps when I next pull out the crock pot and cover my stale little babies!  All these peep talk also has me in the mood to play peep wars in the microwave too!

PS.  Wonka Bars with golden tickets do Exist!  I just haven't opened mine to see if it's a winner.  ;)

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