Thursday, March 11, 2010

The wedding jitters

So I've been looking at weddingbee at least once a day now (The soon to be hubby would frown if he knew... he has no vendetta against WB, he just things the more I research wedding things, the more stressed I get.  Which is a bit true... just a bit.).  Usually to see what new ideas the bee bloggers and other bees have come up with.  I'm hoping for inspiration but find myself inundated with ideas.  When I see that other bees have made their own bouquets from flowers they bought themselves or from paper, I tend to want to make my own bouquet.  But then at the same time, I don't want to have one more worry the week of the wedding if I have issues finding flowers.  When I see other bees showing their handmade invites, I see myself wanting to work some of that cuteness into my DIY invites.  But I'm at this point where I really shouldn't rework the invites anymore.  They are wonderful and once I get the sunflowers drawn up, they will be every so amazing!  I don't need more color or tweaking.. They are fine, right?

My problem with my new WB addiction is that I currently see things on there that make me say "I like and want to do that too!"instead of "that's a great idea but it doesn't fit into my scheme for the wedding".  I need to find a way to window shop the posts and go from there.  But it hard to do just that...  being 6 months out from the wedding, I find that there is a lot of decision making to be done.  I find myself wanting to plan out every aspect now so I don't get hit with a huge unexpected bill down the road.

I'm finding myself wondering, did I take on too much trying to plan a large wedding on a small budget...  But then I reassure myself that it's going to be a DIY simple wedding and as long as the catering doesn't cost a fortune, we should be ok.

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